PTC's Dear FCC letter


Perhaps a moment of indecency took place in the electromagnetic spectrum surrounding your very own home, but you didn’t notice because you were watching something else or the television set wasn’t even turned on. Not to worry. You need only go the Parents Television Council website, where everything you need is right at hand to express your outrage and righteous indignation.

We certainly wouldn’t want to let people who actually watched the program determine whether it is decent or not.
"This is a formal COMPLAINT of indecency on broadcast television," reads a click-and-send form available at the PTC website. "My complaint concerns the PROGRAM ON:"

At that point, the offending network, programming, date and time is plugged in. In the case of the 2/15/08 episode of NBC’s "Las Vegas," there is a video clip under the heading "Documentation." The complainant can watch it, or not, before sending it in to the FCC.

TVBR/RBR observation: To get the true measure of public outrage over a given television or radio show, the FCC needs to hire a viral bloodhound who can track down the source of various form complaints — this goes for viral click-and-send campaigns on media ownership and any other issue as well. For indecency, there should be a tally. It’s not that PTC members do not have a right to their opinion — they certainly do. But we want to know how many complaints trace to PTC, how many to AFA, how many to MIM, and how many are original communications written out of actual concern by a private citizen.