Puerto Rican satellite TVs get renewed permission to remain in orbit


A merger between three broadcast license companies, two of which were already related to one another, is going through the FCC. For the second time, three of them have been granted permission to continue on as satellites of WJPX-TV San Juan PR.

As RBR-TVBR reported late last year, Carlos A. Barba’s S&E Network Inc. stations, WJPX-TV San Juan PR, WKPV-TV Ponce PR and WJWN-TV San Sebastian PR, and his CaribeVision Station Group LLC stations WIRS-TV Yauco PR, WFUN-LD Miami FL and WPXO-LD East Orange NJ are merging with Omar Saul-Romay’s Sherjan Broadcasting Company and its WJAN-CA Miami FL.

The stations in Ponce, San Sebastian and Yauco are the satellites.

It was the FCC that allowed them to become satellites in the first place. Then, in September of 2008, they were allowed to remain satellites after Barba brought his wife into the ownership lineup, a maneuver that required an FCC application and a renewed look at the satellite situation.

The merger has caused yet another examination of the satellite arrangement and surprise! It still makes sense and will continue to exist with the FCC’s blessings.

RBR-TVBR observation: We’ve never seen a satellite situation change as a result of a station transfer. There must be some simple language that could be added to the rules that would allow transferred satellites to retain that status unless challenged, and save everybody the apparently pointless paperwork that comes with every such transfer now.