Purchase-based Ad Targeting, Via An ‘Advanced TV Suite’


CPG advertisers and agencies are now able to buy connected-TV inventory based on in-store purchase behavior. This, says Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), means it is now “even simpler to reach the right household on their choice of device(s) with advertising that is most likely to influence a purchase.”

The arrival purchase-based ad targeting in addition to sales measurement for data-driven linear TV, addressable TV, over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV is the result of an expansion of NCS’s Advanced TV Suite.

As NCS sees it, the new capability simplifies the targeting process for advertisers and agencies and expands the availability of media inventory on the TV screen that can be targeted at the household-level to platforms across the ecosystem, including Hulu and SlingTV.

“Using this solution, advertisers and agencies can define their purchase-based audience once and reach that audience with advertising on any screen or platform,” Nielsen Catalina says. “Purchase-based ad targeting ensures that advertising is being delivered to the audience that’s most likely to make a purchase. For example: brands can deliver advertising to lapsed buyers that haven’t purchased a product recently but were previously loyal or deliver an ad for baby food to a household that purchases baby formula.”

Adobe Advertising Cloud and Eyeview are the first platforms to offer purchase-based targets to their CPG clients for CTV targeting, which can be syndicated to the platforms directly from the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, allowing advertisers to centralize their data workflow.