Push is on to combat distracted driving


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is on a mission to get people’s attention away from their handheld portable communications devices and back on the road – and he’ll have plenty of assistance from a new organization formed along the lines of MADD.

FocusDriven is the name of the organization being put together by the Department of Transportation and the National Safety Council. It is planning to spread out coast to coast and make the case that distracted driving is dangerous and needs to cease.

LaHood is hoping to emulate the success Mothers Against Drunk Driving have had in spotlighting their focus issue.

LaHood stated, “Just as groups like MADD changed attitudes about drunk driving, I believe FocusDriven can help raise awareness and change the way people think about distracted driving. Together, I hope we can put an end to this dangerous practice.”

RBR-TVBR observation: There is no better place to put your broadcast messaging than radio, Mr. LaHood – we might suggest copy emulating old-time cartoons when radio receivers frequently spoke one-to-one to a particular listener.

“Hey, put that phone down right now and get your eyes on the road where they belong,” an actual car radio might blare out.

And since this is largely a problem among the younger demographics, it will be a simple matter to make efficient, targeted media buys, selecting those stations that appeal to the core audience for this important message.