“Pushing Daisies” goes to the fair


It is pretty common for local television stations to stage events at a county fair, but this time it’s a network television series. ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” is hosting a "Pushing Daisies" Pie Hole pie eating contest at the Orange County Fair south of LA for 13 nights, beginning tonight, July 11th. Each night 10 participants will wear a "Pushing Daisies" Pie Hole-themed bib and compete for a special prize. Cast members Field Cate (Young Ned) and Sammi Hanratty (Young Chuck) will be on hand tonight, participating in festivities and signing autographs. In addition, ABC says there will be a “comedic emcee” hosting the evening, with street team members handing out "Pushing Daisies"-themed items.

Why pie? If you’re not a fan of the series, the main character is a pie maker, at least when he’s not busy reviving the dead and solving murder mysteries.

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