Q3 radio pothole, October not as bad


The Radio Advertising Bureau is encouraged by positive results for network and non-spot revenue categories, both of which improved in the high single digits during Q3 2007. But that success story cannot mask the ugly negatives posted in the meatier local and national categories, resulting in a total loss of 5% compared to the same quarter in 2006.
 During the third quarter, local was down -5% to 3.653B; and national was down -8% to 1.127B, combining for -6% on revenues of 4.78B. Network, up +9% to 293M; and non-spot, up +7% to 395M, conspired to bring the overall revenue total closer to par, but the overall improvement was only one percentage point to -5% of combined revenues of 5.468B.
YTD, local is at -2% tp 10.753B; national is at -4% to 3.2B; network is at +5% to 844M; and non-spot at +10% to 1.106B.
Meanwhile, October slipped as well, but only -2% overall, a slightly encouraging event since some analysts thought Q4’s opening month pothole might be slightly deeper. Local was -2%, national -7% (for a combined loss of -3%), and a +9% uptick in non-spot revenue pushed total revenues back to -2%. The overall number for the month is in line with the YTD result.
Revenue numbers come from Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co.