Q87.7 to premiere EDM Show in Chicago


Boston sure has its share of EDM/Dance on the radio. Now, beginning this weekend, Chicago is getting some of its own. Merlin Media’s Alternative WKQX-FM Chicago will debut a new four-hour Electronic Dance Music (EDM) show, dubbed “Electric Playground” (no pun intended). The show will air Saturday nights at midnight.

Said Q87.7 PD PJ: “EDM is massive.  From sold-out, multi-day festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Fest, to the bright spotlight shone upon it via the Perry Farrell Stage at Lollapalooza, to the commercial success it’s finding in promotional campaigns for things like ESPN’s X Games, this music is a big part of our audience’s life.  Adding a show of this type if only natural.”

RBR-TVBR observation: EDM is a good example of traditional radio capitalizing on a new music trend sooner rather than later. They should have done it with Indie Rock quite a bit more, but EDM may end up being the entrée. The real drumbeat is to cater to younger demos—and not with just with Alternative and CHR.


  1. It should be noted 87.7 Mhz is not in the US FM band, rather it is one of many “Franken” FM’s operating as a channel 6 LPTV….. These have appeared in or near Major radio markets and will probably continue until Sept 2015 when all analog TV broadcasting ends……

  2. I would call 87.7 a pirate broadcaster. If you look at the audio carrier frequency of channel six, with or without 10 KHz offsets, it is not 87.7 MHz.

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