Qligent Goes With CER-TEC As Manufacturer Rep


CER-TEC, which includes in its client base broadcast television stations and networks, cable system operators (MVPDs), and production and post-production facilities, has been selected as the manufacturer representative for Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis.

The arrangement allows CER-TEC to extend Qligent’s reach into an increased number of broadcast and production markets in the U.S., with an initial emphasis in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Qligent recently rolled out a selection of cloud-based monitoring and analysis products and services for multiplatform TV. Given the industry’s gradual adoption of IP and cloud technologies and workflows, the company believes the timing is right for a pact with CER-TEC.

“Qligent has accurately identified a burgeoning trend and, in a brief period of time, positioned itself as a voice and innovator for transitioning legacy monitoring workflows to the cloud,” CER-TEC co-owner John Cerquone said. “We feel they are ahead of the curve on the monitoring and analysis side, as broadcast networks are in the early phases of transitioning to cloud-based workflows. Our firm entrenchment in the broadcast and production industry, anchored by our location in the media capital of the world (New York City) and long-standing relationships, will empower us to introduce Qligent and its message of operational efficiency into markets and networks where they have not yet made a significant impact.”

CER-TEC will act as an extension of Qligent’s sales team, working closely with and reporting to Qligent Global Partner Account Manager Mary Mederos. The two companies will put forth an integrated sales effort.

Moving forward, Cerquone anticipates opportunities to architect complete solutions for his customer base that integrates Qligent’s Vision platform with hardware and software solutions from other CER-TEC clients, including Harmonic, Ensemble Designs and Dalet Amberfin.

Qligent is based in Melbourne, Fla.