An AI-enabled Headphone Kit, For Google Home Users


As demand for wireless earbuds and headsets grows, so does the need for a platform that elevates the experiences of their users. An audio solution from Qualcomm “is designed to do just that,” and it’s designed with the specific intent of boosting the listening experience for Google Home users.

The Qualcomm Smart Headset Reference Design for the Google Assistant, Qualcomm says, “is engineered to offer developers the opportunity to experience the functionality supporting simple push-to-talk for the Google service via the Google app running on the phone, which connects to the Google cloud service.”

Manufacturers can then upscale to the Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit for the Google Assistant, “a comprehensive, customizable development kit” designed to include the building blocks needed to create a smart headset which supports Google Assistant, “making it simpler for audio manufacturers to start developing straight out of the box,” Qualcomm notes.

For the last few years, Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd. has worked with researchers to assess the listening habits and purchasing drivers of smartphone users. The 2018 State of Play Report, which was conducted with OnePoll Ltd., found that 76% of those surveyed said sound quality is the most important factor when purchasing an audio device. Additionally, 79% said they seek high-resolution audio.

The Qualcomm Smart Headset Reference Design for the Google Assistant provides the following:

  • Occluded earbuds with ear interface rubbers available from a third party
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 BGA90, 1 in right side
  • Flexy rigid PCB design in both sides
  • 2 mic Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology on right side
  • 60mA battery per side
  • Micro USB charging — right side
  • Software binary image — ADK based Stereo Headset application supporting Google Assistant
  • Detailed hardware design pack available

Qualcomm says the reference design includes key hardware and software required for manufacturers to more easily create differentiated wireless stereo earbuds featuring support for the Google Assistant and enabling a variety of product tiers and categories.