Quiet station group is long on potential


The only sounds you’d expect to hear at any of the five locations where North Star Broadcasting Partners holds licenses are those produced by construction work. The group has just invested the modest sum of $5K to pick up two more licenses, bringing its total to five – all of which are AM CPs.

Tad Burrup Henderson is the principal behind North Star. In his latest acquisition, he’s filed to acquire a CP in Bon Air VA, near Richmond; and another in Junction City OR, near Eugene Springfield.

The $5K cash payment will be going to seller Hill & Glover Broadcasting LLC. Sherman T. Hill signed off on the FCC application for the transfer.

Both of the stations have access to Arbitron-rated territory, and will access that territory with robust signals. The Bon Air station will have 50 kW-D and 10 kW-N on 1200 kHz; and the Junction City station will being 50 kW-D and 2.5 kW-N into play on 960 kHz.

Henderson already has three AM CPs:

Serving Bend OR will be an AM on 900 kHz with 50 kW-D and 2.4 kW-N.

Serving Savannah GA from nearby Thunderbolt GA will be WSHX-AM, bringing 50 kW-D and 780 W-N into play from 1520 kHz. It will ease into its lower nighttime power with 15 kW-CH.

Finally, there’s KRGA-AM CP Arroyo Grande CA, between San Luis Obispo CA and Santa Maria CA, which will operate on 1060 kHz with 10 kW-D, and 710 W-N.