Quincy Also Seeks A Duopoly In Indiana


An Upper Midwest market is not the only place where Quincy Media seeks to create a duopoly, thanks to the FCC’s loosening of the ownership caps for TV station owners.

The Illinois-based company has also asked the Commission for its OK to take over a station from SagamoreHill in the Hoosier State.

In a Form 314 filing made with the FCC on Tuesday (5/22), SagamoreHill of Indiana Licenses LLC agreed to sell to “WPTA License LLC” — a Quincy Media subsidiary — the CW affiliate in Fort Wayne, Indiana — WISE-33.

WISE until 2016 was the NBC affiliate in Fort Wayne. At that time, Quincy Media acquired WPTA-TV, the market’s ABC affiliate. With the acquisition, the NBC affiliation move to WPTA’s DT2 signal, with The CW affiliation going to a station Quincy operated via a Shared Services Agreement but did not own.

Now, Quincy wants to own all three TV services in the Indiana market.

The recent history of WISE-33 mirrors that of a station in Duluth, Minn.-Superior, Wisc. that Quincy now seeks to purchase, KDLR-TV. In February 2014 Malara Broadcasting agreed to sell WPTA to Quincy, and have SagamoreHill acquire WISE; Quincy would run it via a Shared Services Agreement. That was nixed, with Malara retaining ownership of WPTA and Quincy acquiring WISE — until that revision was reworked a third time in July 2015.

The second revision saw SagamoreHill indeed acquire WISE-TV, a wind-down of a Shared Services Agreement, and the shift of NBC to WPTA’s DT2 signal in exchange of The CW affiliation.

After all of that, loosened ownership rules will allow Quincy to do what it always wanted to do.

The purchase price for WISE-33 is $952,884.

There is no broker associated with this transaction.