“Quinn and Rose” loss at WPGB gets big response


Jim Quinn and Rose TennentConservative talkers Jim Quinn and Rose Tennent (“The War Room with Quinn and Rose”) recently ended their run at CCME’s Talker WPGB-FM Pittsburgh. Since we’ve run the story (click here), there has been an overwhelming negative response to the move from Clear Channel from RBR-TVBR readers. In a statement, a CCME spokesperson told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the station tried to reach new terms with Jim and Rose, but it was unsuccessful. The readers think it was a bit more sinister than that and are flipping mad about it.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Rose posted this statement on their website:
“The Quinn and Rose show has been on the air for 18 years with great success.  Ten of those years were at 104.7.  We love doing our show.

We want our listeners to know how much we have enjoyed bringing you the news every morning.  We feel like we are all part of one big family.  Your loyalty and support over the years has meant so much to us and we think you know that.

Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you.  A morning without you is like a morning without coffee.  And we HATE a morning without coffee!!  You have always meant so much to us.  We cannot find words adequate to express to you just how much.

As we have new information, we will keep you posted at www.warroom.com on the front page.  Be sure to check in there periodically for updates.

Our commitment has been, and will always be, to conservative values and to this great country of ours.

Rest assured, we will be back on the air!

Thank you all for your kind words and your support.  We love you.

Quinn and Rose”

Take a look at some of the reader responses here, and scroll down to the end of the story to see all of them (Click here to see the original story and all comments):

* Wow what a mistake they have made…….these two make a great morning show. A balance to all the crap that the liberal media brings. They are libertarians more than Republicans and I for one liked that about them. They will be missed until I find out where they end up. Semper Fi.

* Talk about shock and dismay when my radio came on at 6 a.m., only to hear a strange broadcast with no explanation. I’ve endured my favorite morning host’s vacations, knowing he’d be back, but this was something close to addiction withdrawal. Hopefully, Quinn will be back on the air soon, somewhere, with plenty of publicity to let his listeners know.

* Those people are CRAZY for doing that. They are the best there is in the business. Totally destroyed my mornings. More common sense from that show than any other. CCME sucks!!!!!!

* Pittsburgh is ashamed of clear channel…Quinn and Rose has the support of most people I know pluss,pluss,pluss…We will not listen to any of that other garbage…They have certainly ruined our ride to work…Silence until q &r find a new home…

* I have enjoyed listening to Quinn & Rose for many years in my truck. I would like to see them reinstated to WPGB. Me and 6 of my friends are not going to spend too many mornings listening to Bozo Bloomdaddy !

* I will not listen to this station anymore in the morning. I hope Quinn and Rose find another station in the morning because I enjoyed listening to them on the way into work. Take the rest of the line up off and I will stop listening to the station altogether. Way to go CCME!!!! Let’s see how your ratings are after this screw up.

* I’ve lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore/DC, and Allentown – struggling each place to find ways to listen to Quinn and Rose online before iheart came around. Now that I’m back in the Pittsburgh area again this happens?! Seriously WPGB is making a huge mistake. I’m done with them. I’ll find another way to get Rush, et al. Likely Quinn got too close to the truth that someone didn’t like. Can’t wait for them to return. There is no better radio host than Jim Quinn.

* Very disappointed in clear Channels’ short sightedness I will boycott sponsors of their replacement.

* I’m stunned – in shock. This is like losing part of my family. hopefully blaze or EIB network will pick them up. How can anyone be so stupid as to “not comes to terms with” them? I’ve been listening to them since 2001 and have turned so many people on to them. We learn the truth about things like Ben Gazi months, years, before the MSM “discovers” the facts. This is such a shock I can’t even think yet. Hopefully we hear something soon.

* It has nothing to do with the terms of their contract. The fact that they DO talk about the TRUTH on things like Benghazi is why they were let go. More freedoms taken away. No interest in listening to talk radio in the morning anymore! What a disappointment! Freedom of speech or any of our freedoms for that matter will no longer exist before long under this administration.


  1. I will be turning on the station just to find out who their sponsors are, so I can inform them that I am boycotting their products !!!

    • Hey let not forget that there are other CCME stations that we all can stop listening to (WDVE,& 3WS) these are also CCME Stations that can be forgotten.

      Bring them back or pay the price!!

  2. I have listened to Quinn virtually every morning since the early 90’s. I think they limited their audience when the show became religious programing with Rose’frequent rants

    • Hey Doc. Look at society since our trusted government has been forcing God out of as many places it can get it’s tentacles into! Religion and Faith, two completely different facets… Rose expressed her Faith and beliefs standing on solid ground pointing out the atrocities of our society as God continues to be removed by the Progressive, Socialist, Marxist Left. When it’s almost a crime to say Merry Christmas to someone in fear of retribution, what do you expect?????

  3. if you want to get their attention go after their licence when they need to renew the licence. public input is used see fcc sites

    • Dave – The FCC repeatedly has refused to get involved in the programming decisions of private companies. And I’m sure if they had, a true conservative would point out the 1st Amendment.

      • Indeed recently Clear Channel announced they are changing KTLK LA and KNEW San Fran from “progressive talk” to conservative talk including Rush and Hannity. Disgusted fans of prog talk have said they plan to go to the FCC. In some countries (like Canada, CRTC) the agency regulating communications has say over format/show decisions, etc. In this country, the FCC has no such power.
        So as much as it may hurt to lose this, show they won’t step in just as they won’t step if a station changed from country to rock, etc.

    • Alan Wilcox I was refering to airway use not programmming descisions
      It is my layman understanding airway bandwith belongs to the public not a private company. and your voice is used for inputfor that licence. other than that I will vote with my feet and not listen. By the way My house hold is Democrat.

  4. Boredaddy makes AM stations sound good. His dullness is actually confusing. Here is an idea to spice up the show…. maybe we can listen to drying paint.

  5. Are you freaking kidding me???? What is the matter with a radio station that would do this to the number 1 morning show. If i wanted to listen to an idiot like “bloom daddy” I would listen to another channel. You all will be losing much business by this move. I do not believe for 1 minute that this is as you say, an inability to negotiate with quinn and Rose. I will not be listening to WPGB until quinn and rose are back on. I do think this is something more sinister. I do think they are being silenced. If i am wrong prove it !

  6. The Morning with no Quinn and Rose is like the morning with out the sun rise. I am one out of many that miss you guys.

    • Essentially, Bob, I agree with your sentiment, however, let me just say that a morning without Q&R is a morning without a double shot of freshly ground espresso downed in one brave, nearly searing gulp while outside a lightning limned sky ripped by thundering hordes in the distance awaits us.

      Call us Tea Party Patriots, calls us Conservatives, but we are not an ant army of zombies, we don’t let our people just lie there stabbed in the back while we wander onward. No. We take care of our own. We get them to their feet and hearing the voices of Reagan, Churchill, and, yes, Quinn and Rose, we advance towards the sound of the guns!


      VFMA, ’66

  7. I’m done with 104.7. Since they can’t silence conservative talk radio through legislation, they’ll just make the job as host undesirable and non lucrative. Something is amiss here. They were touching to many nerves too accurately. Clear channel and 104.7, you have forever lost a listener (a family of listeners). I got more from Quinn and Rose than all the fluff and “entertainment” by Beck, Rush, and Hannity combined. I like those guys, but for me Quinn and Rose was the best, most informative and most enjoyable. Even if you put them back on, I’ll listen only on internet radio so your ratings won’t go up! Shame on you for removing them from XM and your station.

  8. I don’t understany why Quinn n rose don’t just setup their own station . the plan should have been in place . many ppls would donate to the startup funding , believe it . / al

  9. I really miss Quinn and Rose in the morning. I used to listen to them faithfully. I cannot stand the person that they have been replaced with. The only time during the day I have to listen is in the morning while I am getting ready for work and during my commute. They have been replaced with some guy that talks about meaningless fluff stories. Yesterday, he spent the better part of an hour talking to two of the contestants from “The Voice”. If I wanted to hear about that then I would watch “Good Morning America” or some other mind numbing show. I want to know the truth about where our country is headed and what can be done to stop it. The liberals are taking over everywhere and it seems that they are at the helm of Clear Channel now. That is the only reason that I can think of for their decisions about Quinn and Rose and the new person that they put in their slot. I am very disappointed and will no longer listen to their station until the decide that reporting the truth is more important than fiction.

    • Why would “liberals” be at the helm of Clear Channel when the majority of Clear Channel’s talk stations air conservative hosts?

      If Clear Channel has an “ideology” – it’s $$. And they don’t care if they’re left, right, or moderate $$.

      • Alan, trouble is that while listeners want to know what is going on–with names attached–advertisers are afraid to pony up and so subject themselves to the full wrath and fury of the IRS. For a safe road, take O’Reilly as a case of nothingness, for example. To be critical of this and that, the GOP or the Dems, the Congress, foreign policy etc. is rich on generalities and short on specifics. First and last names along with pet scandal and the same justice we are subject to are something else. Apparantly “conservative” is going to need re-defined from something other than “tepid” or “lukewarm” while CC counts its money, which it has every right to do. Simple know that you aren’t fooling anyone by blaming the woes all on advertising dollars. Call yourself moderates and I guess no one would have anything more to say.

  10. Is it a coincidence that Q & R wre removed from SiriusXM and CCme WPGB Pittsburgh?
    I think not. There is something more sinister going on here.

    • Yeah, I don’t think it’s a coincidence they were removed. I miss them so much! Started listening to them in 1998 and feel lost without them in the morning. I refuse to listen to WPGB and let them know that Q and R were my main reasons for listening to their station. Since they are gone, I am gone as a listener.

  11. I cant stand it that Quinn and Rose arent on the radio anymore.. Im done with CCME stations and will go out of my way now to avoid them and all their sponsors…

  12. I am blown away but not surprised that they have been silenced. It’s going to get a lot worse for conservatives and Barry has only begun! 3 more years of this pathetic Marxist moron, there is a lot more poop to hit the fan. Welcome to the united socialists of America and goodbye freedom

  13. HOW TO ALIENATE THE MIDDLE CLASS! No matter what the pressure is to wipe clear the conservative values we have – such wimpy actions just make us stronger….the tide is turning and each attack is noted and punished….. hope your ratings plunge as the dear inept and lying leader’s are. I have listened to Quinn and Rose fore many years from afar Ukraine (7 years), Berlin Germany (5 years)and while in UPMG during a liver transplant in 2004 and now in CT (8 years). They are sorely missed as I see our country sliding down the slopes toward the types of governments we experienced living in the soviet and socialist spheres. May God help us help ourselves and rise up and be active rescuers of the America we love. As the opposition in those sad countries always resort to…..”SHAME”(on you).

  14. I love these guys. I think they are better than Rush because they get right to the political news with very little personal comments about say, their golf game or their cats. They have far fewer commercials than Rush also. I love the way they start and end the shows. No hello or good-byes, just valuable political news. Quinn is the only person I know that occasionally warns us how Iran can launch a EMP attack on the United States and nothing is being done about it. I pray that they will return.


      • Yes, that event will be PACKED waiting to hear comment from Q&R It happens today, Friday, Dec 6th. Hopefully we’ll see an update from warroom about their new venue. I can not imagine Q&R staying away from the microphone for very long, unless they’ve had their lives threatened. I don’t think CC is THAT evil.

  16. BULLSHIT, Clear Channel communications says it is nothing more than not reaching an agreement? Care to explain then why your NEW VICE PRESIDENT IS TOM DASCHLE’S SON, NATHAN? Yep, you got it, Nathan Daschle (the new VP of Clear Channel Communications) is the FORMER Senator Tom Daschle’s son..whom was one of the people PUSHING the TALK RADIO AND FAIRNESS DOCTRINE!!!
    If is IS not political, PLEASE explain it! ‘Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you say’

    • Scott:

      Please stop ignoring facts. Daschle is VP of Political Advertising – NOT the company. And not programming. His job is to encourage PACs and candidates of all types to buy advertising on a myriad of Clear Channel properties – broadcast and digital. Not to advance a political bias.

  17. Forgive them (CC) for they know not… Quinn was by far the most insightful, intelligent and humorous host I have ever listened to. Humble also, he always gave Rush due credit. Many times I had to stop my truck from laughing too hard, especially the first time I heard, ” doing the bone dance with mr spincter”! Fabulous talent! Come back soon, PLEASE!

  18. Quinn & Rose

    Love you two and really, really miss you. Can’t wait till you’re back.
    They are truly crazy at clear channel!

  19. I’ve been a listener since the first show. I was initially stunned, then angry. I’m now hopeful that they will be back on the air reasonably soon. As far as the replacement, I can only describe it as trying to feed poor quality dog food to some one who’s used to filet mignon, really?

  20. What a shame, this is like friends have disappeared. Quinn & Rose weremore informative and truthful than any of the big radio hosts and I firmly believe this is why they were fired. Dear Leader could not allow truth to continue, time to lock & loaf friends, things are going to get even more interesting. Remember Quinn’s story about how they were going to eliminate 25 million people? Can you say OBAMACARE?

  21. I have been listening to Quinn and Rose now for several years on WHLO in Akron. When I could not find them on the Akron station I went looking for them on the internet. I have ben streaming the program from Frostburg, MD AM station 560 up until they were cancelled. I would like to hear them again on a commercial station. This smacks of some sort of vendetta against them. Please bring them back and I will listen wherever I can.

  22. I have listened to Quinn for the last 15 years. I thought he was on vacation at first, but was very disappointed to read the news of him being off the air. I will look forward to listening to him again, but will not listen to 104.7 any more. I use I heart radio a lot and will find another station to listen to Rush. I will also be removing 104.7 from my pre sets. Why would you remove such a successful program and replace it with such a inferior program? 104.7 has lost this listener.

  23. MISSED DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL. Can’t stand what is in there now. Listening to Christmas music for now. Shame on those who did this to themselves hurt yourselves. I have not talked to a former listener of QNR that has not changed channels Good call. Bring them back

  24. To Quinn and Rose: Thank you and God bless. I’ve listened for many years and had the pleasure of meeting you a few times. I think I started listening back in ’99 but also remember the “Quinn and Banana” days too. My days will not be the same without the Warroom on in my office.

    To 104.7…I will not listen to this station again. I can listen to Beck, Rush and Sean elsewhere. Also I am very confident that I will be able to find the warroom in the near future at a much, much better place.

  25. “the only people who deserve free speech are conservatives?”

    Are you kidding me? The 1st Amendment applies to Rush and Randi, Hannity and Schultz. It applies to all Americans. Not just one side.

  26. I live in Western Pa but work in Harrisburg. Played Jim and Rose every morning in the office over IHeartRadio. Until yesterday I thought they were merely on vacation. We’ve been listening to WHP in Harrisburg the past few weeks because we can’t stand the show we thought was filling in for them. You guys at Clear Channel are nuts! Can we get a bunch of real conservatives to join forces to buy a struggling station in the Pittsburgh area? It will kick butt with Quinn and Rose leading the programming!
    Someone call The Blaze and Beck, I hear their morning programming just opened up.

  27. Oh, Doug, and Chico. How sad. Both of you will be forgiven by the Lord at the Day of Judgment. My prayers are with you. I deem nothing, nor are you able to deem anything. Perhaps if you knew how to use a dictionary, you would discover what ‘liberal’ means.

    May God Bless
    (Red Skelton)

    • Brendan, Seeing that you mentioned Red Skelton, take a break and go over to You Tube and watch Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance, He doesn’t sound like the average Obama, MSNBC, Left Wing, Democratic Liberal to me. Are you sure you know what a liberal is? Maybe you should leave God and Red Skelton out of your replies till you get things cleared up

      • WORKTRUCK? What kind of moniker is that?

        Your low IQ is showing when you think I included Mr. Skelton as a liberal. Quite simply, I was quoting his sign-off. I know little, nor do I care about the redhead’s politics. I am pleased, however, that my comment inspired you to go YouTubing. That got you away from your name-calling for a moment.
        When you people begin to care about our country as much as you care about hating and blaming everyone else for the problems you’ve caused, maybe by then we can have a decent repartee.
        Until then, I remain:

        A true MF American patriot who served my country honorably (unlike, W, Cheney, and the lot who let 9-11 happen, and who lied and led to the deaths of our troops and Iraqui civilians by the thousands.)

  28. very disappointed … it is difficult to remove 104.7 from iheart favorites as there is no reason to listen to that station anymore . realizing jim quinn wasn’t perfect ,he is very good and I enjoyed his program very much . If you enjoyed a program and a station removed it , what would a person think of that station ? I can only hope someone picks quinn up and soon .

  29. Lets look at this for what it really is. This is a calling to let mr Wilcox, Daschle, and all their associates with cc, GO AWAY – shortly to be followed by their political minion scum. nothing more.

  30. I was shocked and saddened to hear of this horrible news.I discovered the Quinn and rose show in 2004 and I became an instant fan of the show and it’s conservative message and I also think Jim Quinn is very funny and entertaining and his conservative political monologe’s have taught me a lot!! I truly hope we hear their show again!! we love Quinn and rose here in Ohio!!!

  31. I dropped my 10-year XMRadio subscription in protest to the Satellite company dropping the channel Quinn and Rose were on. I listened every morning coming to work. I then started listening on iHeart Radio to their show and I thought they were on vacation. Now that I know what happened I will not only boycott 104.7 when in the Pittsburgh area and on iHeart, I will boycott Clear Channel stations as I find out their channels. What a loss, what a terrible loss of not only a great morning show but the two hosts that always met my values. When they land at another station, I will be there to listen.

  32. Bloomdaddy sounds like a good guy, but its no contest. The energy and political insight just isn’t there anymore. Q & R need to be picked up by some station to fill the morning void. I turn on the Fox news station in the morning now.

  33. Congrats to Clear Channel. They have just lost 64 listeners plus. My family, grand children and friends have removed 104.7 from our preset buttons in our cars and no longer listen on internet radio. We are like minded people who love AMERICA and demand the TRUTH. We are also sharing this information with extended family and friends. May the advertisers of clear channel see the number of listeners decline and drop clear channel as a viable advertising media. Clear Channel will then have to weigh lost profits against the party line.

  34. Without a doubt Quinn was always ahead of all other hosts with his information mostly culled by himself. Rose added a much needed softer edge so as a pair they were a great team getting the conservative message out to the public. In this day battling the commies from within and the ignorance of the millennium voters. Just how did Nobama win re-election?

  35. Wonderful morning spent with Jim and Rose at the Toy Drop. Fans from all along the 79, 70 corridors, and one man I met came from Cleveland. It was great to spend time with “like minded Patriots”. Our hosts look terrific, and it was so nice to be able to speak with them privately and express our sadness over their “mysterious” departure. Clear Channel still refuses to return phone calls ?#@*, shame on them ! Let’s hope that the New Year will bring Jim and Rose back to the airways.

  36. BRING BACK QUINN AND ROSE! I refuse to listen to 104.7 from 6-10 am and I refuse to buy from any of their advertisers, until such time that the talented Quinn and Rose are returned to the airwaves.

  37. I’m actually filling this out for my mother, a life-long Pittsburgh native. She, like many has been a regular to Quinn and Rose. She has been grateful for their candor and passion to expose the undermining of our country. They have even had the sincerity of heart to feature California Attorney Orly Taitz who continues to challenge Obama’s stolen social security number and his fabricated birth certificate and draft card. (If for one moment you doubt these charges, it is because your U.S. Senators and Congressmen will not look at Dr. Taitz’s many filings in various courts around the U.S.; Judges won’t rule on the merits; and this story has been blacklisted from the news.) Clearchannel is being threatened or bribed or both. Or, perhaps the public is so bamboozled by leftist lies that Quinn and Rose are the new old idiots in town–at least that’s how the left would like us to see them. I used to walk the streets of Pittsburgh at night alone in my young days when I was off weeknights from my night shift job. One didn’t feel threatened then, you might get hustled by a hooker and that was a “might”– you had to usually look for them. People, all of us, respected each other on the streets. It wasn’t paradise but their was civility. Compare that to the angst one feels now walking alone even in areas familiar to you. God help you if you go to defend yourself where the criminal is the good guy in too many instances (umm.. hope there’s a camera around to help in your defense). Quinn and Rose, my mom misses your show. Thanks for all you have done and for who you are. God’s courage to us all cause that’s all that is left these days for one who is conscious.

  38. I have been deeply missing you on my morning commute in Pittsburgh. Please let us know when we can hear you again!

  39. WHAT A SHAME!!!! A TRUE LOSS! I have listened to Quinn & Rose for a LONG time! I listened way back when Rose was not even there. I like them both but it’s Jim that has made the show what it is. He’s a very intelligent man and quite knowledgeable of politics.

    Sorry to hear they won’t be on in the morning’s anymore. If they (CCME) were smart they would get them back on QUICK!!!!!!!!!

    Miss ya Quinn & Rose! Peace.

  40. Hooray for Clear Channel! About time somebody flushed the toilet on that smug hate-fest. Where you gonna get your half-truths and conspiracy rumors from with these two goofs off the air? Who’s going to rant about Rachel Carson? HAHAHAHA

    Now, if this duo splits up, somebody remember to get a female safety-net to sidekick for Quinn. Just don’t pair him back up with Banana Don to do pee/poo jokes for the junior high crowd. He’s 70 now and the odds are strong he will open his pie hole and let ANOTHER sexual harassment suit fly out.

  41. Thank God for Quinn & Rose! They stand for Truth and Freedom! I have really learned a lot. God Bless You All!!!

  42. You guys are cracking me up: “Did Obama force him off the air?”, “I sense dark forces at work here…”, “I’ll never listen to the Communists at Clear Channel again!!”, “It is a dark day for America..”
    How about this for a theory, Quinn and Rose were a couple of hacks with a stale, repetitive show who wanted more money than the station thought they were worth. I liked to listen for about a half hour every day for a good laugh, and I don’t know what was worse- draft dodging Quinn talking about his love for the military, or Rose slowly becoming a radio evangelist. And let’s not forget a new conspiracy theory every other day. Wow, it’s hard to believe Clear Channel could walk away from that!! What are they nuts?!?!
    Take off your tinfoil hats, go outside and get some fresh air!

  43. I believe that the Quinn & Rose show was one of the most informative shows on the radio. It had a unique format of presenting multiple stories each day. Well-sourced and covering an extremely wide range of topics. It is a show that America needs, not just Pittsburgh. If the nation had this show, we’d be in much better shape. I look forward to the return of these excellent and informative personalities. They are simply too good to not be on the air.

  44. I am pissed what WPGB allowed to happen to Q&R, but they have not updated their website since Nov. 21. What gives? Q&R, we need to hear from you and soon. Do we look forward to hear you on another station or do we look for another as eloquent as the Mighty Quinn?

  45. Well, seeing as how CC just announced they’re ditching 2 more of their progressive talkers, we can safely gather that the Daschle allegations are false. They’re flipping them to conservative talk as “The Patriot.” In LA and SF no less.

  46. My husband and I have listened to Quinn and Rose from the beginning of their show in the 90’s, and we absolutely love them. We have turned a lot of others onto them too. I have often told people that I don’t want to live in a world without Quinn and Rose! They really get us up and going in the morning with lots of info. and wonderful humor. WPGB is crazy not to keep them. No replacement could measure up. We will not listen to this station anymore.

  47. My wife and I have been listening to Q&R since they showed up at WPGB, and even before then at their previous station. We miss their show, and do not care much for the replacement show. We will be listening to Q&R wherever they show up on the radio or Internet.

  48. I’m so disappointed at this news!! I’ve been a Quinn & Rose fan for at least 5 or 6 years. Ever since my local station in Columbus OH changed to a sports talk format and dropped the show, I’ve been listening as often as I can via podcasts. I wondered why iTunes hasn’t shown any new podcasts since mid-Nov. so I finally went to the War Room website. I certainly hope they’ll find a new home somewhere else – I’ll be watching the website for updates!

  49. To all,

    I have tried to listen to Quinn and Rose’s replacement for about a week. I really can’t get into the show, and some of the topics really don’t appeal to me. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Quinn and Rose were off the air, because I had been expecting this to happen for a couple of years.
    It was a common sense show that appealed to, and reached many people. I think Clear Channel wanted to cut Quinn and Rose down to size. They played hard ball, and when Quinn and Rose didn’t buckle, Clear Channel acted like a child; they picked up their toys and left.
    I don’t see Quinn and Rose coming back to radio in Pittsburgh. They may have a “No Compete” clause in a contract with WPGB or Clear Channel that went into effect when contract talks ended. Quinn and Rose might have to go into Satellite Radio, or possibly use their website for Podcasts instead.
    These two will be back, and I suspect that these two are diligently looking at their options. I hope they are enjoying a well deserved break, and building up energy for a strong comeback in 2014.

  50. Quinn & Rose REALLY blew it! They tried to get syndicated ever since coming on the air in the mid 90’s. Then it finally happened, and they let their egos, or greed, destroy everything they built. Quinn is 70 now, and too old to be starting over. Thanks a lot, Quinn & Rose, for accomplishing what your haters failed to do in 18 years of trying, taking my favorite radio program off the air.

  51. I also can not believe Quinn and Rose are off the air. It is surreal. I have listened to Jim since before Rose joined him when he was on WRRK. He is the most intelligent talk show host out there. I learned something every day from him. He put to shame all the big guys out there as he wasn’t PC. He called it like it is. I pray he shows up elsewhere soon. He was definitely the best in the Biz. What are we going to do without him? An important sane conservative voice was silenced. A sad day in the U.S.A. My mornings will never be the same. Clear Channel and all their sponsors will definitely be boycotted by me and anyone I talk to unless he is put back on. I removed 104.7 from my dial.

  52. As another listener mentioned, Quinn needs to communicate some of the circumstances of his leaving and prospects for continuing on air somewhere if he wants to retain the attention of his former audience.

    His simple “wave off” just following his cancellation and the his lack of in-print communication with the 100’s of his fans since is unworthy of him.
    The Warroom website is presently a ghost town offering little or nothing to
    former loyal listeners. Guess you gotta find your way down to the exotic location of one his “events” to get the real story first hand.

    Not to be a misogynist [look it up] but I found Rose, however enthusiastic, to be a something of a drag on the show. Quinn would sit there speechless as she pushed her tours, read long 19th century style patriotic speeches (Fourth of July was hell), and generally chattered about her charitable works, eating up air time that Quinn was capable of filling so well due to his superior research. But, I guess we’ll never separate ’em. Given present circumstances, though, it appears to be a moot point.

    • When Neal Boortz knew of an impending cancellation of his show (because he was retiring) his audience knew about it a year ahead of time. When Q&R knew they were going off XM, we knew about it 3 months ahead of time. When Q&R went off the air suddenly on Nov 15 nobody knew nor did Q&R give any indication that it was going to happen. This was sprung upon them. It was not “his” cancellation; somebody doesn’t want them on the air anymore and doesn’t want us listening.
      But having said that, it has been a month and they have not stated their case since. Your’e right about warroom.com. It is a shadow of its former self for dispensing information. Plus Jim Quinn is strangely quiet, considering his history on the radio, either as a talkshow host or a rock’n’roll DJ. It is soon time for you to speak up, Jim. People will begin to think you just don’t care. Or…. …has someone made a mafia style threat on you?
      Rose is hosting Sean Hannity 30 Dec. The Q&R Show should be a very hot topic that day.

      • It is likely that they are not allowed to discuss contractual things like that on the air and I am sure they “negotiated” all the way until 5:59am Monday after their last day. That is the way it is on radio unfortunately. People come and go without a moment’s notice. Howard Stern is the only exception I can think of because he was leaving radio anyway, when he went to satellite.

    • I have to agree with you there. I always preferred the shows that were just Quinn. I could get into the various reasons why but I’d piss off a lot of people. I agree with her most of the time, it’s mainly her “delivery” and the way she takes over the show with mainly boring subjects, and trying to make everything melodramatic. “We are here for a time such as this” was the most cringe-worthy catch phrase.
      Anyway, yeah we could use some kind of news on whether there are even any efforts to get back on the air for Jim. Rose could probably get a job at Fox on the five or some such show.
      Then you have people like CLA54 above, where do you even begin with them? I’d feel sorry for them actually if they weren’t so dangerous in their willful ignorance. They are the ones giving us these people who are destroying our country, our liberty, and our futures. Quinn had concrete sources for his so-called “conspiracy theories” including recordings of these people’s actual words, yet the CLA54’s of the world will still refuse delivery. Sad.

  53. It seems we have had the rugg pulled out from under us. To let a national icon like Quinn & Rose slip away is heart breaking. I guess clear channel
    might have a hidden agenda with the LEFT that is in accord with our right
    to free speech. I’m sorry the had to go but I’m sure they’ll turn up bigger
    and better than ever. I’m done with (WPGB)!!!

  54. Got a letter in today’s Post-Gazette (I only know because the Editor of that Dept. told me it would be today).

    She also said that comments on the letter, might help the cause. She said people rarely follow thru with their frustration over matters like this.

    Let’s prove her wrong, go to the PG’s comment page and either agree or disagree with me, but let your voices be heard on their web site.

    It doesn’t get any easier as the days go on. What a loss.

  55. Y’know … lately I’d gotten angry, then accustomed, to the amount of advertising on a show that USED to be a lot of informative data and pratter, and NOW I realize … SOMEone obviously doesn’t like advertising dollars.Why patronize a station that DOESN’T care for money but DOES care about peanut butter minds ?

  56. I do not listen to any Clear Channel station’s anymore. That also includes IHeart Radio. They made their decision and I’ve made mine. They do no care about us little people. Long Live Quinn and Rose.

  57. Perhaps someone can attend that event today (12/14) that’s advertised on warroom.com and find out if they are planning a comeback on some other outlet anytime soon?

  58. I happened across Quinn and Rose on WPGB about 5 years ago and was mezmerized. I loved their format and the quality of the information they shared. I was devastated when one morning I turned my radio on and someone else was broadcasting. I thought “Huh, they must be off and have someone else filling in for them.” I listened to Bloomberg for a while, but he never said anything about filling in for Quinn and Rose. That’s when I went to their web site and discovered that with no warning they had been removed from the airwaves. I was sad, then I was mad. I sincerely hope that they will be back on air very soon. I’ll follow them wherever they land. For my money, they’re the best talk show on air (including Beck, Rush, Hannity, and the rest).

  59. Bring back Quinn and Rose! There are many of us, obviously, who tuned in to them daily! Clear Channels really screwed up! Blumdaddy?…Who cares? And DVE, I tuned in to them a couple of days ago, and they’re still playing the same Doors, Pink Floyd, and Tom Petty they were playing ten years ago, when I stopped listening to them! You have to tune in to Cleveland stations just to hear any good new rock!
    Without Quinn and Rose, Pittsburgh radio once again just drifts further into oblivion…

  60. I was on vacation, and when I returned, I thought Q&R were on Holiday break. Then after a week of Bloom whatever, and no Q&R trailers, I come here to find out what’s up. Oh Yeah!! I’m contacting Beck. I can’t do my mornings without Big Jim Quinn- my LEEEEEEEEEEdah, and the lovely Rose. Another taste of Marxism, served up by the liberal scum!

  61. WPGB has been on a downward slide for the past year. Programming has be poor at best! Along with all the awful production and tech problems. It’s like whoever is in charge just doesn’t care anymore. Pulling or moving popular shows and replacing them with unbearable local sports shows and paid programming. Makes me wonder if they are “tanking” the station for a reason…. If your goal is to lose listeners at least you are doing that right.

  62. Removing Quinn from the air is a victory for the left that just cannot be allowed to stand. Some news on any efforts to return to the air, please.

  63. I have been listing to Quinn & Rose forever, and I really enjoyed listing to talk radio. I have now stopped listing, I can’t stand this who’s your daddy guy its like listening to elevator music. Unfortunately I’ve stopped listing Hannity just because my radio is tuned to a different station when I get into my car for the ride home. I can’t wait to find out where I can listen to Quinn & Rose again.

  64. Still waiting to hear news on Q&R, but haven’t heard anything. Q&R owe something to their loyal listeners to at least let us know what is going on and if there is hope for them to be back on the air. In the meantime, is there any other decent conservative talk show on the air in the 6:00 to 10:00 AM time slot that we can get on the Internet or IHart radio? I no longer listen to WPGB during that span.

  65. I was a long time listener of Q&R. Mornings aren’t the same without them. Although I have to agree with Sonny B. What exactly did happen? Seems like that has never really been clarified. It couldn’t be the content of the show. Q&R certainly weren’t the only ones on 104.7 that slammed the Obama Administration on a daily basis. The others do the same and all of them are still on. I wonder if they did do something, or could it have been a personal vendetta against them? Or, just occurred to me, maybe they can’t say anything for some reason. Could be something legal involved. In any case, I sure do miss them, and wish they were back on. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I really look for that to happen.

  66. WPGB lost a whole family of morning listeners when Qinn & Rose was
    cancelled. Probably also lost some advertisers. Time to let all
    view points heard. Don’t have to agree with them.

  67. I miss your show so bad. I got all hooked up with iheart and then you were gone again. I am a truck driver, and I drive at night. I have a big blank spot in your time slot now.Sucks bad, and I think they are quietly silencing conservative talk radio, because it is successful. Please make a deal with The Blaze. Miss you terribly.

  68. Getting fired in radio is radio is mostly a badge of honor. Rush Limbaugh was fires 7 times, Quinn at least once before from B94 after his ordeal. He’ll be back (and so will Rose)

    It would be cool if Jim can call in to the Hannity show while Rose is hosting 🙂

  69. Isn’t their 30 days of non-competitive forced silence up by now? Mornings are no fun anymore.

    They should go “commando,” like Tammy Bruce, with the double benefit of being impervious to leftist pressure groups on networks and sponsors, being accountable only to their subscribers. TalkStreamLive.com is doing a great thing allowing anyone a free listen to Tammy’s show as it airs every day. Paying subscribers get to hear the show on podcast any old time. $5 a month directly to Tammy is a small price to pay to hear the truth.

  70. I will not listen to any of the other channels. The IPOD plays everything I want to hear. I have listened to Quinn and Rose since the beginning for information I can count on everyday at work and I will not listen to the other GUY! Sorry Other GUY.

  71. I have not listened to clear channel since they took them off for telling the truth about this President. I only turn it on when Rush and Hanity come on.
    Shame on this radio station for not wanting the truth out

  72. I am so very disappointed, to say the least!! I have been listening to Quinn and Rose since the late 90’s. I am going through withdrawals from not being able to listen to them in the morning! I want to hear them back on the air a.s.a.p.

    God bless both of you, your families and your mission. Until I hear you again…Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work to making America think and be informed.

  73. I heard a rumor that Quinn and rose were offered 1/3 of what they were making . and other cuts by the as****l who owns clearchannel

    • There’s no one “____” that owns Clear Channel. CC was taken private by Thomas H Lee Partners and a little firm you might have heard of called Bain Capital.

      So, by logical conservative belief, you should be praising them for saving money.

  74. You can silence the voice but not the spirit. I am thankful for the insight and knowledge
    Quinn & Rose have delivered over the years helping to educate and expand a knowledge base completely absent in media.
    This may have been their jobs but knowing Jim, Rose & their family’s for many years, I know seeking truth and telling the world is motivated by passion. Passion driven out of fear for their children and what is gong on in this country and the world. Rose and I have had many emotion filled conversation regarding current issues and the negative impact on children and their future. Rose is a person filled with love , compassion , concern and although her voice may be in a state of hic-up, it has not been stopped. Jim and Rose identify the lies and speak the truth to those of us not deceived , not ignorant, and afraid in keeping our heads out of sand. Speak up again you two!

  75. My radio used to go on 104.7 at 6:00 am and off at 10:00 pm. With all the changes you have made I now turn you on at 10:00 am and off at 3:00 pm. Sorry but I think there is a little more behind this than a contract dispute.

  76. Still miss you both in the mornings, but wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to hear you back on the air soon.

  77. If you wonder were low information voters come from just listen to Bloom daddy. If he knew just half as much about government as he does about sports he would be a genius. This is man is a big a** fool.

    • Low information voters are to blame for not seeking out facts. They won’t get all the facts or balanced viewpoints from any talk show hosts. Research proves that most talk radio listeners tune in to be entertained, or to hear their own viewpoints echoed back to them, not to actually learn something. Talk radio is a club by and large for the choir to come and be preached to, and say Amen to. Bloomquist doesn’t “create” low info voters.

      • Alan,

        While I appreciate you taking the time to respond. What you are essentially saying is that your company intends to manage this radio station (104.7) like the Pittsburgh Pirates throughout most of the past 20 years…which equates to moving to mediocre talent for mediocre results. If that is the case and you move to everyone being in the mold of hosts/shows like Bloomquist (no offense meant to him) – I can guarantee you one thing…fewer listeners and less advertising revenue in your pocket. That’s your decision to make, but I for one haven’t listened to 104.7 in the morning (the only time I listen), since you dumped Quinn. Even if this was strictly a business decision, the way your company handled their exit showed little respect or consideration for them, but primarily no respect for us – the audience (and that for a show that has been running since the mid-1990s). If you want to be the radio equivalent of Dollar General – you are welcome to it.

  78. We keep checking to find out where you are going to land. We know you will and we will follow you there. Clear channel got a replacement for you that is pathetic. They can’t be happy. I quit listening, as I am sure many other have. I agree with RSP – do a streaming show on the internet – we can just listen to that if we can’t watch.

  79. Quinn shouldn’t be surprised or upset. As he always claims, it’s supply and demand and they were asking for more money than the market would bare. That’s capitalism at its finest.

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