“Quinn and Rose” loss at WPGB gets big response


Jim Quinn and Rose TennentConservative talkers Jim Quinn and Rose Tennent (“The War Room with Quinn and Rose”) recently ended their run at CCME’s Talker WPGB-FM Pittsburgh. Since we’ve run the story (click here), there has been an overwhelming negative response to the move from Clear Channel from RBR-TVBR readers. In a statement, a CCME spokesperson told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the station tried to reach new terms with Jim and Rose, but it was unsuccessful. The readers think it was a bit more sinister than that and are flipping mad about it.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Rose posted this statement on their website:
“The Quinn and Rose show has been on the air for 18 years with great success.  Ten of those years were at 104.7.  We love doing our show.

We want our listeners to know how much we have enjoyed bringing you the news every morning.  We feel like we are all part of one big family.  Your loyalty and support over the years has meant so much to us and we think you know that.

Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you.  A morning without you is like a morning without coffee.  And we HATE a morning without coffee!!  You have always meant so much to us.  We cannot find words adequate to express to you just how much.

As we have new information, we will keep you posted at www.warroom.com on the front page.  Be sure to check in there periodically for updates.

Our commitment has been, and will always be, to conservative values and to this great country of ours.

Rest assured, we will be back on the air!

Thank you all for your kind words and your support.  We love you.

Quinn and Rose”

Take a look at some of the reader responses here, and scroll down to the end of the story to see all of them (Click here to see the original story and all comments):

* Wow what a mistake they have made…….these two make a great morning show. A balance to all the crap that the liberal media brings. They are libertarians more than Republicans and I for one liked that about them. They will be missed until I find out where they end up. Semper Fi.

* Talk about shock and dismay when my radio came on at 6 a.m., only to hear a strange broadcast with no explanation. I’ve endured my favorite morning host’s vacations, knowing he’d be back, but this was something close to addiction withdrawal. Hopefully, Quinn will be back on the air soon, somewhere, with plenty of publicity to let his listeners know.

* Those people are CRAZY for doing that. They are the best there is in the business. Totally destroyed my mornings. More common sense from that show than any other. CCME sucks!!!!!!

* Pittsburgh is ashamed of clear channel…Quinn and Rose has the support of most people I know pluss,pluss,pluss…We will not listen to any of that other garbage…They have certainly ruined our ride to work…Silence until q &r find a new home…

* I have enjoyed listening to Quinn & Rose for many years in my truck. I would like to see them reinstated to WPGB. Me and 6 of my friends are not going to spend too many mornings listening to Bozo Bloomdaddy !

* I will not listen to this station anymore in the morning. I hope Quinn and Rose find another station in the morning because I enjoyed listening to them on the way into work. Take the rest of the line up off and I will stop listening to the station altogether. Way to go CCME!!!! Let’s see how your ratings are after this screw up.

* I’ve lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore/DC, and Allentown – struggling each place to find ways to listen to Quinn and Rose online before iheart came around. Now that I’m back in the Pittsburgh area again this happens?! Seriously WPGB is making a huge mistake. I’m done with them. I’ll find another way to get Rush, et al. Likely Quinn got too close to the truth that someone didn’t like. Can’t wait for them to return. There is no better radio host than Jim Quinn.

* Very disappointed in clear Channels’ short sightedness I will boycott sponsors of their replacement.

* I’m stunned – in shock. This is like losing part of my family. hopefully blaze or EIB network will pick them up. How can anyone be so stupid as to “not comes to terms with” them? I’ve been listening to them since 2001 and have turned so many people on to them. We learn the truth about things like Ben Gazi months, years, before the MSM “discovers” the facts. This is such a shock I can’t even think yet. Hopefully we hear something soon.

* It has nothing to do with the terms of their contract. The fact that they DO talk about the TRUTH on things like Benghazi is why they were let go. More freedoms taken away. No interest in listening to talk radio in the morning anymore! What a disappointment! Freedom of speech or any of our freedoms for that matter will no longer exist before long under this administration.


  1. Bloom daddy is a slap monkey. I feel like I’ve lost friends that keep me sane. 104.7 now sucks. I’m so done with this channel.

    • I live in Wheeling and had Q &R replaced by Blooming idiot several years ago on AM 1170. I was in a state of shock when I heard him on 104.7 also.

  2. My husband and I have not turned on that station since they left. They were brave enough and smart enough to show the “other” side of this administration. They are far better than Glenn Beck (I find him to be too depressing) and Hannity (talks too much about himself. Do I really need to know that he cuts his own toe nails!?).

    Quinn could explain economics better than most professors. The two of them love our country and respect it.

    Two brave souls not afraid to speak the truth. It must have been heard at the White House. Oh, that’s right, it was not political.

    What a dumb move for the station and Clear Channel. These 2 listeners are gone.

  3. I guess I’m in the minority when I say I will NOT miss Q&R. I found their program to be very boring. I am a conservative and avid listener to talk radio. Quinn would read news stories verbatim except when he didn’t read it right and had to start again. When something broke the day before, they really wouldn’t comment on it until they listened in to other conservative talkers to see what position to take. Sometimes Quinn would read right off the drudge report. I’m sorry, but I don’t need someone to read the news to me. I can read just fine, thank you.

    • In the minority you are and you are also probably the one who called in with the “liberal” point of view all the time.

      • he overplayed his hand when he said he could read, im on to your commie-liberal-nazi-feminist-gay-marriage-loving-medicinal-marijuana-promoting-american-hating plans.

        You cant pull the wool over my eyes, only my cousins can do that when we’re wrestling/hugging in the barn.

    • I too feel that Q & R were, in the vernacular of one Mark Levin, “backbenchers” when it came to original material. All too often, both Q and R would have their best moments on the air when they were reading, verbatim, someone elses prose.
      So, they were GREAT at summorizing others thoughts, but lacked originality.
      I do, however miss them on the early morning drive segment…listening to Bennett on Salem stations puts me to sleep. Not sure where else to listen.

    • Ok Chris,

      What is a good God-fearing conservative radio listener to do now from 6 to 10 in the morning then? Ive been listening to Q and R since 97 while I’m working. Now Ive got to chose between crappy repetitive music, npr, or silence… I feel like I lost two of my best friends! So seriously, I need an idea what to listen to at that time here in Pittsburgh. I Cant read the drudge report while i’m working, comeon what am I to do!!! I feel like crying.

  4. I have been a loyal listener since Quinn and Rose started many years ago. Each and every morning members of my family listened on their way to work. I have a 19 yr. old grandson who is well informed because of Quinn and has his head screwed on straight. Don’t want to hear this nonsense that only the 55 crowd supported the show. I keep waiting for them to return on air again, and they will! We all miss you two.

    • You may be right that a handful of under 55s listen to the talk format.

      But it’s not enough, and it’s not growing new listeners. Five years from now, WPGB will be in a bad situation barring major programming changes. Clear Channel has to evaluate that. And the base of conservative talk is 55+ – a demographic that’s not of interest to many national advertisers due to the fixed buying habits of the demographic.

      Simple business, simple math. All of us in radio have dealt with format changes. It’s why you don’t hear much Sinatra and Dean Martin or Elvis on the radio either.

      • CC has put WPGB in a worse situation. Have you ever studied the demographic enjoyed by Sinatra, Martin, or Elvis?? I wager it’s under 55. Q&R will be back and blow Bloomdaddy’s ratings away. What will they say about that then? I liked one other thing GiGi said on an earlier post: If CC got rid of Q&R for financial reasons, they are really stupid. If they got rid of them for political reasons, they are evil!

        • The stations that would take on Q&R don’t have the signal or marketing strength to compete head to head with stations like KDKA and The Fan.

          They can come back. They can even maintain a decent audience for a few years. But most of these shows have peaked. It’s just the demographic reality of radio in 2013. The ratings you’re seeing for WPGB aren’t going to go any higher with talk, Bloomquist, Q&R, or any other host being irrelevant to the long term trends.

          • The stations that would take Q&R may not have the strength to compete, but one thing is for sure: The people who used to listen to them on WPGB will seek them out at all costs elsewhere and that includes me, and the under 55 set you claim don’t listen Q&R. Listenership seeking the truth doesn’t “peak” like entertainment or a sitcom. Q&R has a message that resonates with people and truth has a way of gaining an audience other attempts to “entertain” on the radio will not endure. The rating system, it may be the best (and maybe the only) indicator of how things are going, but when a sponsor sees that a show like Q&R is doing nothing but gaining listenership, do you think they are going to turn it down? I guarantee they are going to fight for airtime on a show like Q&R and they often did. When bloomass’ ratings tank, and I predict that will be soon, nobody with money is going to want to sponsor airtime on his show. You mark my words.

          • So replacing them with that boring guy out of WVA makes sense? I’d sat their ratinngs are tanking with this guy on the air. I’m under 55. I know a lot of people my age who faithfully listened to Q&R. I don’t buy that this was done for demographics.

  5. You have made the biggest mistake by taking Quinn and Rose off and putting bloom daddy I will not listen to him and I may quit listening to 104.7 altogether how could you do this your #1 talk show

  6. I really miss you two and refuse to listen to whoever they put in you time slot. You guys CANNOT be replaced ! Here’s to a speedy recovery back to YOUR airwaves !!! EVERYONE misses younz !

  7. Jim Quinn and Rose have been my morning commute companions for 18 years. I was shocked and dismayed to find that Quinn and Rose were GONE! Well, the knife cuts both ways. Just as Clear Channel has made Quinn and Rose disappear, so also shall I make WPGB vanish from my car radio. Looking forward to Jim and Rose’s triumphant return to the airwaves. As for CC and WPGB, It sucks to be you!

  8. My mornings since quinn & rose have been off the radio, have turned into more time actually not listening to the radio at all. Bloomy lasted all of about 15 minutes. Normally the first tool we would turn on in the morning st the jobsite was the radio.(that would be on all day) was locked on 104.7. You have messed up my morning routine.
    I know business, I understand that yes sometimes you have to cut the fat, but what you did was cut the real meat out. I use to be able to keep the time of day straight by listening to the radio. From the start of my day with q&r to the end with hannity.
    You all might know the business of radio but you do not know the business of people. Stop looking at your spreadsheets put down your dry erase markers and listen to your customers. What you did was a really dumb thing to do, you may not realize it right away but you will see the difference when you see your next quarter numbers.
    Time to set up the satellite radio on the jobsite, maybe that’s what I’ll get me for Christmas.

    A nolonger listener of the radio

  9. I do miss you guys.Right now for my hour ride into work Christmas music has replaced my comfort show Quinn and Rose. For thirteen yrs I,ve enjoyed you and you insight. Its like a divorce or when your child moves out. Empty… Its a VERY political Christmas this year

  10. It does feel like withdrawal. Mornings at home are theblaze.com radio with Doc Thompson, but it’s definitely not the same. Mornings in the car are top 40 (still such a thing??) music channels – Q&R much better at getting my heart started. Can’t wait til they’re back on the air somewhere/anywhere!

  11. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! to Quinn & Rose and all my fellow brothers and sisters who are warroom supporters.. As for clear channel.. i’m thankful that you guys will be shortly going down the tubes..

  12. Jim Quinn is a sharp, funny and entertaining radio guy. I remember when he came to Pittsburgh in the 1960s. Then he was a young, brash, “See what I can get away with” disc jockey in a day when we were (foolishly) fighting the establishment and rebelling against authority. Jim matured, along with his audience, and grew to appreciate things that work. Like freedom, free enterprise, and limited government. He evolved into in insightful commentator, incisively yet humorously attacking the Left. Jim was a mainstay of our mornings for years. If Clear Channel dumped Jim for financial reasons, they are stupid. If they dumped him for political reasons, they are evil.

    Brad Tupi
    Upper St. Clair

  13. My e-mail to Cheap Channel:

    Now that Nathan Daschle (hack for the Democrat Party) runs things at Cheap Channel, how long will it be before FM 104.7 (a channel that will go down in Pittsburgh Radio History as it’s most fickle and snake bit when it comes to formats over the last 30+ years) changes to yet another FAILED country music or elevator music format? The release of Quinn and Rose from your line up is only the beginning. And I for one am pretty much done with Pittsburgh Radio, unless it involves a sporting event. Nice going, 104.7. You have just committed ad revenue and ratings suicide with this Quinn and Rose move, and will do so again, when Mr. Daschle decides that freedom of speech no longer applies because it goes against he and his father’s agenda, not to mention the agenda of this current radical run-amuck government. If I were employed by Cheap Channel, especially as a sales rep, I’d start looking for another job. Good luck, cause you people are going to need it.

    P.S. Please do not respond with the usual corporate mumbo jumbo or any other excuse for making this move as it will immediately go unread and into my delete file. I am immune. Thank you.

    Says it all, don’t ya think?

    • No, it doesn’t “Say it all.”

      The decision had nothing to do with Nathan Daschle. You’re continuing to repeat a libelous statement that isn’t based in fact. Nor is Soros an investor in Clear Channel.

      You are immune? Appears you are immune to facts and understanding of how this business works. It is, after all, Radio Business Report.

  14. Continue to listen to find out who all their sponsors are and contact all their sponsors and inform them that you will not purchase their products, and will tell all your friends to do likewise, until Quinn and Rose are restored. This is no simple dispute. Rush’s host company is threatening to drop him for supposed loss of advertisers. I smell a “Soros in the woodshed” operation here to rid the airwaves of conservative talk. Conservative cannot sit back and just bitch, Hit them in their pocketbooks!

  15. we live in suburban Rochester, NY and most of the news we get is through Gannett or Rochester stations all pretty much owned by the same corporation. WDNY radio which carries the war room is the only independent station left and the only source of unwhitewashed news. Quinn and Rose were a large source of our national news, and we miss them. frank and joell

      • They are better “reporters” than are found in the main stream media. They covered stories that received little, to no, attention in the national news. The days of investigative journalism are gone and important stories go untold. Q&R may be “commentators” but they tell the stories that need to be told and support them with actual sound bites and quotes. Call them what you will, but I call that reporting and not just being a mouth piece for those in power. When voices are stifled, we will all lose our liberty – no matter what side you are on, who you work for, or what you are paid to say. Some day it will happen and you will remember the comments in this ongoing thread.

        By the way, Sinatra and Elvis actually have their own channels.

  16. Well, without Quinn and Rose, my morning radio has switched to CD’s. I stopped listening to 104.7 and I’m sure many others have as well. This just appears to be another futile attempt of censoring the “conservative’s” voice. I’ll be anxiously awaiting news on Quinn and Rose’s new home!

  17. I am writing because to my surprise when turning on the radio Monday morning, as I have for the last 18 years on my way to work, I was greeted by a show called “Bloomdaddy”. I have been a staunch supporter of Quinn and Rose since they were on 97 WRRK. I thought perhaps they had taken a vacation but found it unusual since no mention was made of this the previous Thursday when they were live on the air. I received an E-mail telling me they had been cancelled! I felt the cancellation of the XM satellite spot last month was very unusual considering the growing national audience Quinn and Rose were building. I can only conclude there may have been pressure placed on the management of Clear Channel to eliminate this voice of conservatism from the air. I will not be listening to 104.7 or supporting the advertisers until this program is reinstated. I will also be speaking to my family and friends and asking them not to listen or support the advertisers of Clear Channels 6 stations in the Pittsburgh area.
    > Ben Burnheimer
    > Pittsburgh

  18. What a huge disappointment! Quinn & Rose told the truth and kept their audience well informed about critical issues. What can we do to bring them back? They are needed and loved by their loyal listeners.

  19. Trading Quinn for DoomDaddy – a decision only a politically correct suit could make. How’s that workin’ for ya, Clear Channel? Free speech and the truth WILL triumph! Looking forward to hearing from Quinn & Rose in the future.

    • I am wondering if CC was threatened by CAIR or other ‘legitimate’ voices of Islam in the US. Q & R came down pretty hard on the ‘slams. Woundn’t be surprised.

    • First, Clear Channel dropped their conservative talk feed to XM radio now they’re cleaning up iHeart Radio. The free thinkers will need to circumvent the big corporate channels to reach their audiences. Time for iHeartAmerica Radio!

  20. Very bad when I didn’t get to wake up to Quinn and Rose! Already lost them on XM so been using iheart radio. Now they are GONE! I am their biggest fan from Montana. 🙁

  21. Thank you for keeping us updated on your website. Maybe you could send me an email when you get back on the air. Have a great Holiday season and don’t be gone too long. The radio is not the same in the morning without you. We need your truthfulness. Sincerely, Frank and Judy

  22. Miss you guys so much, can hardly stand it. Will not turn on their station anymore. You guys have been a part of my mornings for so many years. It’s like losing very good friends. Hope to hear you two again very soon. Will stay in touch with ‘warroom’ waiting for news on when and where you guys will be on again.
    Miss You good friends
    Debbie Marts

  23. I started listening to Quinn and Rose in the War Room for years. One morning I was scanning the radio stations and came upon The War Room and I was hooked. Quinn and Rose were quick and told the truth without holding back any punches. I couldn’t get enough. I pod cast every show so I didn’t miss a thing. Whatever went wrong I hope they find someone that will pick them up again. I was very disappointed when it stopped. I guess the truth scares some stations. They will be sorely missed. I do have a months worth of pod cast of previous shows that I missed before they went off the air. The radio station WYSL in Rochester was just as surprised when they told me they were scrambling around for 3 hours for a replacement on Monday when they found they didn’t have The War Room. I will keep looking for a Quinn and Rose return.

  24. Quinn and Rose are a dynamic duo. I agree with the comments about how ridiculous it is to fire the woman that fills in for Sean Hannity. Really? Who’s making these decisions? Does CC’s left hand even know what it’s right hand is doing? She’s nationally known, published, and loved. Quinn and Rose should still be doing their thing. Unbelievable.

  25. Missing quinn and rose. Wishing them a wonderful thanksgiving. Please let us know how we can help. Want u guys back. Boycotting mornings until u r back.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving Jim & Rose to you and your families.

    See you on the 6th at Geno Levi’s for the Toy Treasures drive

  27. My family and I are devastated to not hear Quinn and Rose each morning. I’ve been listening for past 10 years and practically never missed a program. It’s just not the same without them but thank goodness I made tapes of most of their programs as I wanted to ‘save’ them for posterity. So, guess I’ll be reaching into my cupboard and listening to them each morning instead of any ‘replacement’. I called my sister this evening and asked her what she was doing and she said – ‘laying in bed listening to an old Q & R tape’, so there you have it. I bet a lot of people did that. In the meantime, I hope someone will wise up and put them back on again.

  28. Seems odd to me that Alex Jones, George Nory, and several others have had their contracts “expire” over on Sirius XM within the last month too. Almost like the man behind the curtain doesn’t want any info out there that may “wake up” America….

    • Hmmm.
      Maybe their contracts expired within the last month because the contracts expired.
      Clear Channel has been working their way out of XM for a while now, this was always expected. It surprised the listeners, but it’s been industry knowledge for awhile that CC is moving to emphasize iHeart, and away from satellite radio.

  29. No more “Drive Time” listing for me, the bozo that is now broadcasting seems like a shop teacher trying to lecture on Classical English Lit. These days I can’t wait for Glen Beck.

    • He is David Bloomquist broadcasting out of 1170 am in Wheeling, West Virginia. I was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, so not bashing that. It’s just that he is small potatoes and not worth the time.

  30. Quinn, just let us know where you land. You have been the most insightful source for what is going on and what is coming. I am in Allentown and have been getting you by podcast since that brief time you were re-broadcast on WAEB. If you find any way to continue, I’ll pay double.

    • Today is Small Business Saturday.
      Myself, and all the small business people I know here on, and near, Chestnut Ridge, Will not be tuning into any Clear Channel stations, for any morning shows whatsoever, for infinity, due to the injustice they have done to Quinn and Rose. In the mornings, on this mountain, go to a job site, to a gas station, local shops, manufacturing floors, sawmills, and most small business that haven’t been totaly run out of business, due to the economic BS caused by the present Adminastration, and their types for the last 20-30 years, Quinn and Rose would be on the radios. Skiers,kayakers,bikers,hikers, realestate people, contractors,repair shops, truckers, the word is getting out as to what happened. We thought they were on Thanksgiving break…. You have lost not only the small businesses, but our customers as well. Do you Clear Channel people really think the young crowd will tune into this bloombing***daddy guy?
      You are all on Marxist Dope.

  31. Sad that Clearchannels owns 90% of all Radiostations SO.. Unless they get put back on or go back to 96 .. More to it than Money ! the show was a blockbuster!

  32. Been almost two weeks. Still at a loss to fill the void. I feel like I lost a valuable and dear friend. Quinn & Rose are such an incredible listening experience, Passion, relevance, accuracy, greatly sourced and evidence backed insight into what is sooooo relevant today, all with a great entertainment quality. I tried replacements (talk, music, etc) but just chose to ride in silence instead.
    I have traveled a lot and have never experienced a show quite like it. I truly miss my friends, and like sooo many others that have left notes in here, I will follow where ever they end up. They are as close to a national treasure as any radio show could ever hope to be. God bless, good luck. Keep up the good fight, we will be listening for you.

  33. Dear All; At age 82 I started listening to the discussions on “Meet the Press.”
    I was a teenager interested in National Affairs and pundit’s. The first was Martha Rountree and Lawrence Spivak. It was rumored that Spivak came to the Sunday broadcast with 100 questions in his pocket,in case the “guest”. (there was only one as I recall) wandered off the subject!. Lots of light and very little heat from this format. The afternoon and evening Pundits now seem to want to argue with someone of their choosing. Quinn & Rose are on the conservative side of the coin, but I listen to all sides.

    No one will convince me that the FCC was either in the pocket of Clear Channel Communications or threatened them in some way to “have a contract dispute.” I may be paranoid but the modern politician’s make me so. We have come a long way from Harry Truman putting his wife Beth and the luggage in his car and driving home to Missouri!

  34. I suspected they were dropped and now I know for sure. Isn’t this there flagship station? BIG mistake clear channel! HUGE mistake! No reason to even tune into 104.7. Maybe we can get WPIT 730 AM to host the show…. What a stupid move!

  35. Finally, Clear Channel wised up and dumped the ‘Dim and Doze’ show! Maybe Quinn can get back together with “Banana Don” and sexually harass female newscasters on the air (they were both convicted). Quinn and Rose have been making up stuff since the mid 90’s with such gems as Bill Clinton ran the Dixie mob, had over 65 people killed in Arkansas that were connected with him,the Y2K phony hype that Clinton would turn the power back on if the american people would declare him king. It went on and on this nonsense that was easily fact checked and found to be false. I suppose when you have no credibility,making things up about one of our greatest presidents of the 2nd half of the 20th century to get ratings is something Dim and Doze needed to do to stay on the air. They tried the same thing with this birther nonsense with the greatest president of the 21st century and failed miserably. Goodbye Dim and Doze, maybe you can try barber college!

    • If you don’t like Q&R, you had better support their replacement thoroughly by listening to him everyday and doing business with his sponsors as much as you can. This is what Q&R listeners did fanatically. Otherwise, bloomdaddy’s show will die on the vine and WPGB may even replace them with his precedessors!

  36. Hmmmm, outspoken conservative talk show hosts Quinn and Rose no longer on CC. The story being circulated states contract terms as the reason. I smell a rat, or as Miss Piggy aptly put it so often on Q&R… ‘what an UNBELIEVABLE coincidence.’ Hurry back Quinn and Rose!!!

  37. I miss Jim but I do not miss Rose. She had lately became to “corporate” what with her rubbing elbows with Hanitty and all. My morning listening has switched to Doc Thompson on Becks network. Maybe there is a spot at Glenn Beck Radio for Jim Quinn. Just saying.

  38. You won’t find two more capable and giving people than Quinn and Rose. And speaking of giving — who can forget Rose’s humanitarian efforts. This woman organized a drive for Katrina victims, filled 7 eighteen wheelers, and followed them down to Mississippi and New Orleans. When we experienced flooding in Pittsburgh area she worked a drive in Sharpsburg and was so overwhelmed by the need and devastation she stayed on and volunteered her assistance there for over a month. How do you fire people like this? We want Quinn and Rose back. Now.

  39. You have lost a very loyal listener and a great deal of respect. Canning this show will be one of the worst moves you ever made.

  40. First 104.7 puts local sports garbage on evening drive time.
    Gotta be 10 other stations I can hear the same drivel around the dial.
    Then spoiling morning drive by taking the sole reason to listen to them!
    (Rush,Hannity& Savage can be found on other weaker, distant stations)
    Adding insult to injury, offering this small town radio dork Bloomdaddy?
    Yep, another lost listener who will no longer patronize any 104.7 sponsors-
    Perhaps I will visit said sponsors just to remind them WHY…

  41. Without Quinn and Rose, and other recent scheduling changes, I choose to not to listen any longer. I’m angry that I am forced to pay to listen to conservative talk show hosts but I prefer that to the free garbage.

  42. There is no better radio talk host than Jim Quinn. I can’t wait for some channel with business savvy to contract with Jim and Rose. I’ll follow them anywhere, and pay to listen to them if that’s what it takes. I am no longer a ‘client’ of Clear Channel or 104.7. They now appear to be propagandists who want to silence the truth as well as conservatism.

  43. Remember when ‘Dim’ said that liberals could do nothing about his show? I think ‘Dim and Doze’ just found out how powerful we are. Of course it doesn’t really matter since no one was listening anyway. Rush and Hannity will be next and progressive talk radio will rule the land. Morning in America indeed!

      • Hey, I can’t help that conservatives are idiots. These are the same people that support an economic policy of cutting the goverment’s revenue source (taxes) and saying the revenue will go up! ‘Dim’ said this for years and was proven wrong over and over again.

  44. With a fleet of 10 trucks, every one of us listened to Quinn and Rose in the morning and discussed the topics later in the day. Now, 104.7 is not even preset into one tuner. That’s ten listeners, WPGB. Not to mention the radios in the office and warehouse. Not a very smart move. We are all waiting to hear where Quinn and Rose end up, and anxiously awaiting the day we can tune in again.

  45. So “propagandists” program conservative talk on the majority of the talk stations they own, but it’s an ideological issue?

    Clear Channel stations primarily broadcast conservative shows. They syndicate them. They syndicate one progressive host and run, I believe three progressive talk stations.

    If they were going for “propaganda”, you’d think they could do a better job.

  46. Mr. Alan Wilcox you sound like a “Yes Man” for Clear Channel. For what ever the reason the show was cancelled, it was inappropriate that it was done without notice to the listeners. Personally I do not care for the show performed by Bloomdaddy and will not be listening. Oh and by the way, I am under the age of 55 years and have listened to Quinn and Rose for years.

    • A “yes man?”

      More like I’m tired of people claiming to believe in the free market then coming on here accusing my industry, my business, of conspiracy with CAIR or the FCC or George Soros over the simple realities of how it works.

      Programs change. Formats change. Music and talk that people like gets cancelled because the company owning the station has other priorities or needs to trim costs. It’s the frustrating reality of radio. If it bothers you, and there’s really enough people that want what you have to offer, and you’re pure free-marketers, than stop blaming the reality of radio business and find a way to get what you want. But blaming the business or conspiracy theories is cowardly and false.

      • Mr. Wilcox, I have read all your comments posted on this story and come to a conclusion: You don’t really like your listening audience. Disdain is evident and most prominent. I sincerely hope Jim & Rose find a more welcoming organization to broadcast their show.

      • I find your comments trully disgusting. Why would a format change when 95% of your listeners enjoy the show?? Aren’t you there for the consumer, or are you trully just there for what your industry wants?? Seems like there is something going on more than what you are saying. I am sorry, but I don’t buy it .

  47. I hope you are back on the air soon. My mornings feel empty without you guys. This new person they have talks about so many things that are insignificant and mind numbing. Like this dead cartoon dog last week. Please come back soon. This country needs you!!!

  48. for all these years before my coffee, I have turned on my radio. I want CC to please rethink their deceision and return them to the air. I will not be turning my radio on. please find a new home Q&R. we miss you.

  49. What the hell??? Tuned in each morning and find “People Magazine” What the hell do I care about celebrity birthdays? This guy, something Daddy, is what you’re giving us??? Such a shame. I hope your advertisers pull out. Guaranteed, you have lost a huge % of your audience. You deserve it.

  50. With Q & R gone, I am gone from clear channel and there sponsors. When Quinn and Rose find a new home, that is where I will be.

  51. If anyone wants to make their complaints heard, go to clearchannel.com and contact them through their email. Be clean and respectful. Blaze Sabatino

  52. I compare this boom idiot to the direction the country seems to be headed. Granted I could only bare to listen to him for a couple minutes since I’m also paying data time to listen to Q&R since they’re not on xm anymore. But I was willing to do that because I liked them that much. But now I feel like I’ve lost my best freinds and don’t know why. One day they were there, next day they were gone. I’m very disappointed with cc and xm. My xm hasn’t been on for an hour since they were pulled from it and I’ll not pay money to listen to boom freak or whoever he is. I’m an over the road truck driver so what I say about WPGB won’t affect them in the slightest but when my xm subscription is up I won’t be renewing it and I would hope that all Q&R fans will go on strike from whatever medium they listened to the program on.

  53. Are you kidding me!!!! Bloom Daddy is a joke!! I need my Quinn and Rose in the morning! I need my Quinn and Rose in the morning!! I suggest Clear Channel pull out the bucks and get them back!! They are definately worth the money!! Who listens to 104.7 now?? Anyone??

  54. No more Q&R in the morning…….Clear Channel has taken away my morning breath of fresh air. I have listened to them since they started together on FM 96.9. FM 104.7 told me that both have been terminated and will not be returning. I’m now done with both Clear Channel and 104.7. I need my sunshine and will wait till Q&R return to the airwaves. OMG I dislike mornings without Q&R.

  55. Being a seasoned radio and TV business woman here in ‘da burgh(Commercial Traffic Director)… and even WORKING for Clean Channel at one point (hated it then … would hate it now) … this is truly one of the worst decisions I have ever witnessed. Q & R … PLEASE get back on the air as soon as possible. That would be the best Christmast gift EVER!!! And please … if ya need somebody to help with the show … I’M IN!

  56. Jim Quinn is like the voice of America. He gave us information from local to world events. No one could match him. And, Rose would add some nice little stories. We need Q & R and not another sports announcer. I sure hope Q & R come back.

  57. Quinn and Rose are the BEST. I will not listen to that clown on 104.7 now.I sure hope another station has the good sense to pick them up.

  58. WE MISS THE QUINN AND ROSE SHOW .. The evil Progressives are showing there bewetting side .. This Radio station is heading for the black hole of HELL

  59. WE MISS THE QUINN AND ROSE SHOW .. The evil Progressives are showing their bewetting side .. This Radio station is heading for the black hole of HELL

  60. Please bring back Quinn and Rose! They are fantastic and deeply missed by a huge fan base. I’m mourning the tragic loss of my Monday through Friday enlightenment series via the most enjoyable and entertaining Q&R methodology. No one can replace the service that they provided, so please return them to the airwaves for the millions of listeners who NEED them!

  61. Daschle was the ultimate insider, named only 20 months ago by Time magazine as one of 40 politicos under 40 to watch. His father, Tom, was elected to Congress when Nathan was 5 and became Senate minority leader when Nathan was in college. His mother is President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Denmark, his stepmother is a prominent lobbyist and his sister is a top aide to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

    and now, per mr Wilcox cc is 20 billion, BILLION in debt. looks like that leftist train of thought really works!

    • That 20 billion started when the GOP and a Democratic president agreed on the Telecom Bill that allowed the rapid overvalued consolidation of radio.

      Bit before Daschle’s time at Clear Channel, in the ad department, but feel free to try and twist it to suit your narrative where everything is political and conspiratorial.

  62. Completely disappointed with clear channel for their rushed division with our talented Pittsburgh conservative talk crescendo mediates Quinn and Rose.I will still be a loyal listener as soon as they find a new station. Until then my days will sadly remain incomplete and frustrated with clear channel.

  63. I think Quinn & Rose is the best informative (some say conservative, I say truthful) talk radio show on the air followed by Mark Levin.

  64. I am so pissed about this station first the sports garbage then quinn & rose, The only reason I even listened in the morning. I’m 38 and listened for years! Me and my friends. I don’t want to here that dumb ass in the morning now.I came from heavy metal, and Howard Stern. and Jim was the best person I heard to put it there liberal Islamic loving ass’s

  65. Years back, we knew Q & R could go national, they were so good. Remember when they had national speakers & events in Bridgeville? In those days, Rose tamed Quinn when he got out of line–funny! The comments are right, an older demographic by now. But then, few women listened. That changed through the years.
    I miss the show and I sure don’t believe the few comments here that their audience share wasn’t good enough. Everyone quoted Quinn.
    But the marketplace will decide. Maybe it isn’t revenge of light in the loafers, but they have succeeded in changing our lives in taking away our morning friends and forcing us to go elsewhere.

  66. I would suggest to all of you that we should examine the last 4 weeks of radio reporting done by the dynamic duo. Something they reported on, or a new story may have led up to their termination. If this was a politically motivated action by CC then someone in DC may have pulled some strings, or heaven forbid threatened someone at CC. Let’s try and figure out if there was a particular story they broadcast the was to close to some truth that needed to be buried deep.

    This is a victory for all of the Liberal jerks out there and we can’t let this stand I’m sick of all the O’dingus crap out of the White House so lets show these jerks the power of the American people.


  67. Jim and Rose, know you both are missed in Western New York. WYSL, please pick them up when they hit the airwaves again…Bill Bennett while a nice guy, can put you back to sleep.

  68. 6Am to 10 AM totally sucks now Until you hire GOD himself to take Quinn”s place,My radio is off!!!Easier to get Quinn & Rose back,God in person,Thats a toughie!

  69. I can’t believe they took quinn & rose off the air. mornings will not be the same. I have followed quinn since the KQV days. I hope they will be back on the air soon. Good Luck in the future.

  70. Are you kidding me!!!!
    Jim and Rose are a staple in my morning life. I feel like I’ve lost 2 friends.
    Could not come to an agreement….Seriously. This is entertainment. Hard to believe you could not come to an agreement.

    I guess I’ll move to 92.9 and listen to my hometown fav….Maria

  71. Was it WPGB or Clear Channel that cut them? In either case, WPGB won’t get any of my broadcast radio attention from here on out. Bloomdaddy sucks the populist pickle and will only appeal to a limited segment of the region he hails from; mainly the finger sniffing, bar stool polishing, “somebody in power ought to do something about this”, entitlement addled denizens of the Western Allegheny Plateau and Upper Ohio Valley. Good luck with this psuedo intellectual ‘good working man’ pablum having a much broader appeal.

  72. We were shocked and disappointed to find that you were gone that Monday morning. I even had the XM radio in the car turned back on because 104.7 faded away as we drove north to Meadville from PGH.
    I will check your website periodically to locate your show.
    I cannot help but wonder how much, if any, the democratic powers had to do with this change in programming. It sure did seem as if the old slogan “you heard it first right here” applied to your show.
    Good Luck and watch you back…..some people dislike the truth.

  73. Quinn is irreplaceable! Bring back Jim Quinn!!! BRING HIM BACK IF YOU HAVE ANY SHRED OF WISDOM! This was a huge blunder to lose Quinn and Rose and to replace with Bloomdaddy? HUGE MISTAKE! Don’t try to dumb down listeners with BLOOMDADDY. I tried to listen but he cannot offer any substantive information on anything. He seems like a good guy but he offers nothing! It’s like listening to a dumb sibling. Goodbye 104.7. HUGE MISTAKE!

  74. First I lose Quinn & Rose on XM/Sirrus Channel 244 because XM/Sirrus “could not come to terms” with CCME now I lose them on 104.7 because CCME “could not come to terms” with Quin and Rose! Who do they send to negotiate these terms? Monkeys? It must be. How do you lose a MONEY MAKING show like Quinn & Rose by not negotiating on the same page!
    Well, I ended my subscription with XM/Sirrus because of the loss of Q & R, seems I was not the only one if the commercials on Fox News Channel that XM is running to give us free days of service for all those unused XM/Sirrus radios is any indication. We walked with our money. Now we again will walk with our 104.7 listening – now my XM radio is silent on the way to work and now at my computer.
    I am shocked, disappointed, and utterly PISSED OFF at 104.7. and Clear Channel!! Stupid Jerks!

  75. You can’t imagine the loss —- finding new channels ( that are not the greatest substitution ) for 6-10 am. Miss you lots.

  76. This is what happens when many radio stations are owned by a few. 1250 WTAE radio in PGH had plenty of original people. [libs/conservs] Now it is gone. As more radio stations are condensed into the same hosts over many stations/states, originality and diverse opinions are gone…… sad days indeed. The golden age of talk radio is dead. I know, “but it’s cheaper to buy a syndicated show vs paying our own people”

  77. What you all fail to realize is this is the very thing that happens when 1 party ownes all the radio stations. I love counry music, but try to find something other than Froggy. They play the same shit over and over till you hate it. Now your looking at what can happen to talk radio. So keep on voting assholes in office, and someday you’ll be listening to Tokyo Rose..

  78. My husband and I started our day with Quinn and Rose. I am now listening to Christmas music….thank goodness for that! I gave Bloomdaddy a shot, but he’s no Q&R. For Christmas, I hope Clear Channel brings back Q&R to our mornings! Miss you Q&R!

  79. One party doesn’t own all the stations. There’s Clear Channel, Keymarket, CBS, Salem etc etc. And conservatives were very pro-consolidation of radio in 1996, which led to the Telcom Act.

    • Alinsky rule#4 Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You know how to use it well Mr. Wilcox! Obama and Daschle would be or are proud of you

      • Let’s see.. by posting facts, I’m somehow adhering to some “Alinsky Rule”..

        I work in radio broadcasting and think people should have a factual understanding of the business. What that has to do with Obama, or Daschle, I’ve no idea. But again, thank you for assuming you know my motives and my politics.

  80. I am not alone in not turning my radio in the morning. And, hearing bloomdaddy commercials only tells me that there are many, many more like me. Progressives, left and right, are trying to silence us. Good Luck. Or, as Jim says, go ahead make my day. I will even subscribe to a station in order to hear their voices again. Meanwhile I am continuing to boycott wpgb and to talk with others about doing the same thing.

    • Janice – what exactly is a “progressive right” view? I’m aware there is a “progressive conservative” party in Canada, but as to how that relates to Clear Channel’s decision about budget cuts and Quinn and Rose, I’ve no idea.

  81. I wonder if ‘Dim & Dose’ will sign up for unemployment checks! After years of bashing people for signing up, these two will be first in line to collect. Dim will probably retire since he’s about 70 or 75, but that would mean taking a Social Security handout! I love when conservatives are hoisted by their own petards.

  82. I have NOT listened to 104.7 since Quinn and Rose have been gone! You need to get them back at what ever cost. They go hand in hand with the people of Pgh. Their views and opinions are of great value to thousands of your listeners. To not bring them will be very costly to CCME .

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