Quintech Awarded Patent For RF Matrix Switch


A Indiana, Pa.-based company known for its design and manufacture of RF matrix switches has been awarded a patent for the XTREME 256 matrix switch modular.

The design allows its switch chassis to be configured with either a symmetric or asymmetric number of inputs and outputs.

Unlike traditional RF switch matrices that require multiple chassis in order to scale and meet both symmetric and asymmetric input/output port requirements, Quintech Electronics & Communications‘ patented modular asymmetric feature lets customers “customize” matrix sizes in a standard chassis.

In a single chassis, the XTREME 256 supports 256 total input and output ports with a minimum of 8 inputs or outputs, e.g. 8×248, 32×224, 64×192, 96×160, etc. It can also be converted to other sizes while deployed in the field. For example, an XTREME 256 can be initially deployed as a 128×128 and later be converted to a 64×192 single chassis matrix by changing the modular hot-swappable RF cards.

“The XTREME 256 was conceived to allow Quintech to offer an off-the-shelf solution that would also represent the most optimized value and rack space to the customer,” says Tom Phelps, VP/Engineering of Quintech Electronics. “In addition, the amount of cabling between chassis is reduced, simplifying the installation. Should the user later decide that they need to change to a different configuration, the XTREME 256 can be converted to a new configuration by adding and/or subtracting modular RF matrix cards in the field, without a factory modification.”

In developing the XTREME 256 several years ago, Quintech reviewed its customer configuration requirements for matrix switches. It found that, for many customers, its standard off-the-shelf symmetric matrix did not efficiently fit the asymmetric configurations that the customer often required.

For example, a 96×160 system previously required multiple partially populated chassis with increased rack space and cabling. The other option was to propose a custom product, which led to higher costs and longer lead times.

Further information on the Quintech XTREME 256 matrix switch can be obtained at www.quintechelectronics.info/XTREME .