RAB Analysis Shows Radio Drives Search


New research proves radio advertising drives search results, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau. Based upon its analysis of over 2,100 local radio ads across six different categories, there was a 29% incremental lift in search results. Radio is extremely effective in driving search during weekdays and in the daytime.

“We already know that radio delivers a strong return on an advertisers’ investment,” said Erica Farber, RAB President and CEO. “Now we know it drives search results across a number of advertising categories in addition to other metrics.”

President and CEO of Media Monitors Philippe Generali said, “The study proves that radio significantly impacts digital behaviors and activities – and is even more relevant in a digital and e-commerce world.”

In addition, the research offers insights about how to guide creative execution, including:
• Price deals
• New product or new product features
• Mention of specific locations

“Radio continues to be undervalued, and we are uncovering incremental benefit that radio consistently provides to advertisers,” said Alice K. Sylvester, Partner at Sequent Partners. “It was also clear that there is an opportunity to increase this benefit with smart, measurement-informed, placements and creative approaches.”

“Showing the value of radio advertising through a combination of Big Data and advanced analytics yields significant new insights for advertisers,” added Steve Cohen, Partner at in4mation insights. “As a means to drive ROI, this research shows that radio ads have an important and rightful place in the toolbox of modern marketers.”

This study designed and commissioned by the RAB, was conducted by Sequent Partners, Media Monitors, and In4mation Insights in June and July of this year in the top 31 markets.