RAB and NAB draw closer, DC convention set


You can mark September 29 through October 1 on your 2010 planning calendar as the dates for what’s now being called “The Radio Show produced by RAB and NAB” in Washington, DC. The dates were announced Wednesday as the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced an expanded partnership of communications and events.

The combined conventions is being called a “natural extension” of the relationship forged under the “one voice for Radio” initiative begun in 2007. RAB had stated in June, as it announced staff and budget cuts, that its 2010 management conference would be moved from March to the fall and coordinated with the NAB Radio Show.

“As part of the management structure of both the NAB and RAB, I’ve long felt there was tremendous value in bringing both organizations closer together,” said Steve Newberry, NAB Joint Board Chairman and President and CEO Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation. “This enhanced partnership is designed to positively address the needs of our radio station members and bring about proactive change for both of our trade associations,” Newberry added.

“We’re very pleased with our new partnership. As we further move our medium into a branded content and digital world, it is important we provide our members and clients with all the necessary touch points to see and hear how Radio is innovating for the future,” said RAB President and CEO Jeff Haley.

“NAB and RAB are very pleased to respond to the many requests to bring the best of the RAB and NAB together next year in Las Vegas, Washington DC and beyond,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “Increasing revenues at radio stations is a priority at both of our associations. Together, we can meet the demands of the business and seize opportunities that may never have surfaced otherwise. We believe that an annual communications and events dialogue provides us with those avenues,” Smith added.

In addition to a new and revised Radio Show, NAB and RAB said they will partner on programs such as the NAB Show in Las Vegas and other industry leadership events.

RBR-TVBR observation: Necessity is the mother of invention. Some people in radio won’t like this. Some will. Some would rather have the whole shebang wrapped up with the NAB spring convention in Las Vegas so they could get everything from one trip on their corporate budget. That is, for those lucky enough to have a radio employer still willing to pay for even one trip. Budgets have been cut deeply by NAB/RAB member companies as well as by the trade organizations.