RAB and NAB "Get Out the Vote with Radio"


The RAB and NAB will present Get Out the Vote with Radio, a free half-day seminar for political consultants and strategists on Wednesday in D.C.  The seminar will reveal how to use Radio's lifestyle-specific formats to target voters in ways that go beyond standard zip-code targeting practices and communicate political messages on a deeper, more personal level.  

The U.S. is made up of distinct audio neighborhoods, populated by Radio listeners who are personally and emotionally connected to their favorite stations.  Drawn by similar interests, tastes, and social and political beliefs, audio neighborhoods of like-minded individuals spring up around the Radio experience, giving strategists an avenue to reach and communicate with specific groups of voters in a relevant and receptive environment. 

According to studies that have examined public reaction, there is a high-level of synthesis between listeners and the messages they hear in Radio's audio neighborhoods.  Moreover, research on voter-response to political advertisements delivered in an audio neighborhood reveals that voters have a higher tendency to believe the content of the Radio political message.  Voters also are more likely to feel an emotional bond or connection to the candidate, provided the message is delivered in an audio neighborhood whose listener profile matches that of the target voter group.

This first joint venture between the RAB and the NAB is part of a pre-announced plan from the two national organizations to collaborate on initiatives that increase awareness of Radio.