RAB boards up


RAB / Radio Advertising BureauRadio Advertising Board President/CEO Erica Farber is welcoming new leadership, as well as new members, to its Board of Directors. At the top of the list: Hartley Adkins of iHeartMedia, the new Board Chair.

“We are thrilled to have Hartley Adkins at the helm of the RAB Board of Directors, Hartley’s experience at iHeartMedia, Inc. provides the RAB and the Board a tremendous strategic advantage as we continue to serve and advocate for the radio industry,” noted Erica Farber, president and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau. “We also must thank Bud Walters for his guidance, leadership and service over these last two years. He has ensured a smooth transition with Hartley Adkins and will continue to be an ally to the RAB and to our industry.”

Here are the names of the day:

* Hartley Adkins, EVP Major Markets, iHeartMedia, RAB Board Chair
* Ginny Morris, Chair & CEO, Hubbard Radio, RAB Vice Chair
* Kim Guthrie, EVP Radio, Cox Media Group, RAB Finance Chair
* Steve Newberry, President/CEO, Commonwealth Broadcasting, RAB Secretary
* Bud Walters, Founder & President, Cromwell Group, Immediate Past Chair

New Members:
* Drew Horowitz, President/COO, Hubbard Radio
* Bill McElveen, EVP Southern Region, Alpha Media
* Steve Wexler, EVP, Journal Broadcast Group