RAB launches energy efficiency PSA campaign


The RAB is encouraging radio stations to join the Energy Efficiency Exclusive PSA Campaign that uses the power of local radio to inspire listeners. The campaign will support the Ad Council’s and the Department of Energy’s new "What’s Your Excuse?" PSAs.

Along with the Ad Council and the DOE, the RAB wants to make sure we all do our part to save energy. Created pro bono by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the new PSAs encourage parents to drop excuses and educate them on how energy efficiency affects us all. "I’ll turn it off later; It’s only a charger; I’ll save energy next time," are only some of the common excuses. However, as each spot informs us, we are going to be here a while, and we need to save now.

While the overall campaign urges parents to drop excuses and start saving energy, the Energy Efficiency Exclusive PSA Campaign is specifically radio-centric — designed to optimize radio’s unique one-on-one relationship with listeners.

‘Dialing for Excuses,’ an interactive DJ banter promotion, encourages DJ’s to place random calls to listeners and put them on the spot by asking what they did today, did yesterday, and plan to do tomorrow to save energy. Listeners need to defend their excuses or inform participating DJ’s across the country what they do to save energy. Positive answers on energy-saving habits will garner an on-air shout-out to the listener and a station prize. Those with excuses will need to "Lose the Excuse" before they are called on again to answer the important energy questions.

This branded entertainment component of the campaign includes on-air banter among station personalities, challenging each other on their energy-efficiency practices with live listener interaction, and :10, :15, and :30 scripts for station-produced spots featuring local talent. Additionally, multiple spots are available to accommodate diverse formats.

Stations can visit www.rab.com to download the PSAs, promotion details, scripts, website links and educational facts on energy efficiency.