RAB unveils sales & marketing sessions at NAB Radio Show


The RAB is producing 10 sales and marketing sessions as part of the program at the NAB Radio Show in Austin. With nearly one-third of the workshops at The NAB Radio Show devoted to sales and marketing topics, the RAB has identified 10 key issues facing today’s radio managers and sales managers:

·        Monetizing Your Radio Streaming
·        360-Degree Solutions for Multi-Cultural Convergence
·        Great Skills to Find and Keep Great People
·        1+1=3: Making Radio & the Internet Work Together for Advertisers
·        Small Market Idea Swap
·        Satisfied Customers Can Kill Your Business – Satisfaction vs. Loyalty
·        10 Things that Grabbed My Attention and What They Mean for Radio
·        Selling Radio in a Challenging Economy
·        How to Sell the Best Story Your Local Client Has Ever Heard
·        Making Money with Video on your Website