RAB Begins Advocacy Efforts With ‘Impact’ Blog


RAB / Radio Advertising BureauJust days after the industry expressed surprise at the RAB’s long-planned cessation of Miller Kaplan Arase & Co.-produced total radio industry revenue reports, the industry advocacy association launched a blog expressly designed to provide insights and key facts about the power of radio to marketers and advertisers.

Dubbed “Radio Impact Reports,” blog entries will include a range of topics including research and insights impacting radio listeners and advertisers, to “storytelling and everything in between,” the RAB promises.

“The focus will be on continued growth and innovations taking place, ensuring radio’s bright and exciting future,” it notes.

The blog’s first entry: Radio Matters to Millennials … A Lot. The piece discusses marketers’ infatuation with this generation of consumers, noting that “they are turning to radio because the majority of music fans are interested in new music and wanted it curated for them.”

To illustrate this point, the RAB notes that Los Angeles, radio reaches more millennials in a day (2.2 million daily) than Pandora does in a month (1.6 million monthly).

Latino millennials, in particular, are avid radio listeners and, thus, media buyers should strive to include radio in a buy when seeking to reach this consumer segment.

“The fastest-growing audience segment for radio (in general) are Hispanic consumers, with a 97% reach number (higher than the overall population of 93%),” the RAB notes. “Millennials make up roughly a quarter of Hispanics in the United States. So when you do the math, it makes a whole lot of sense!”