RADAR 114: No rankers supplied


ArbitronArbitron reported in its September 2012 RADAR 114 report that over 184 million Persons 12+, or 71% of this demo heard one or more network radio commercials in an average week of the survey period. But this time, the 18-49 and 25-54 rankers are not being released. Why? RBR-TVBR sources say Arbitron didn’t want to give Pandora an easy way to pull Arbitron numbers “without permission” again, “so they’re handicapping all of us.  They’re on the warpath about unauthorized access.”

Fair enough. So we do have limited info on the report this time around:

RADAR 114 reflects respondent listening through Spring 2012 and includes affiliations through the first week of July 2012. Data from all 48 PPM markets are fully incorporated and comprise just over 50% of the total sample for RADAR 114. There are a total of 47 networks measured in RADAR 114. Premiere added two networks, Premiere Express and Premiere FX28, and discontinued one network, Premiere Informed.

Commercials aired on the 47 radio networks measure reached:

•           70.5 percent of Persons aged 12+ (184,473,000 Persons)

•           70.9 percent of Persons aged 18+ (167,681,000 Persons)

•           70.2 percent of Persons aged 35+ (115,207,000 Persons)

•           73.5 percent of Persons aged 18-49 (98,851,000 Persons)

•           74.1 percent of Persons aged 25-54 (93,624,000 Persons)