RADAR 116: Radio adds 1.6 Million weekly listeners


ArbitronArbitron announced details from its March 2013 RADAR 116 National Radio Listening Report, including the good news that the audience was up year over year by more than 1.6 million weekly listeners.  Radio now reaches 242.8 million listeners on an average weekly basis.

Teens 12-17 showed the largest gains among the major age demos. Radio now reaches nearly 23 million teens in an average week.  Radio listening also remains steady among Adults 18-34, reaching 66.5 million people, or 92%, in this demo.

According to the report, radio saw gains in the Black (non-Hispanic) audience across all major demographic groups versus the March 2012 report.  The Hispanic audience also grew, adding nearly 1.1 million listeners in an average week.

Radio’s Black (non-Hispanic) audience aged 12+ added 741,000 weekly listeners versus the March 2012 RADAR report.  Radio reaches more than 92% of Black (non-Hispanic) listeners aged 12 and older in an average week.

Black (non-Hispanic) Adults 18-34 shows the most gain, adding more than 200,000 listeners in an average week, versus the year ago report.

Radio now reaches more than 39.5 million Hispanics 12+ in an average week, or 95% of this demo.

Hispanic adults aged 25 to 54 shows the largest gains, adding more than 1.1 million weekly listeners versus the year ago report.

A new feature in the RADAR 116 March 2013 report is the inclusion of listening metrics for HD multicasts and AM/FM/HD streaming stations.  The data shows that radio is using new platforms effectively to reach more listeners.  According to the RADAR March 2012 report, HD multicasts reach nearly 3.6 million Persons 12+.

Streams of AM/FM/HD radio also reach a broad audience.  More than 5.4 million persons 12+ tune into AM/FM/HD streams during an average week.  Adults 18-49 make up the majority of this audience, with more than 3.5 million people in this demographic accessing streaming AM/FM/HD stations in an average week.

The sample size for the RADAR March 2013 is 395,844 persons 12+. The report includes data from all 48 Arbitron PPM markets.