Radio ads aired in battle over political ads in general


Democrat and RepublicanCalifornians will vote on Proposition 32 this November, which ostensibly seeks to limit the influence of special interest money on politics. But California unions are up with radio ads attacking it, saying it is not what it seems.

According to the unions, the proposition was put forth by a conservative group, the Lincoln Club of Orange County – and the unions note that its intent is to let the conservative money donors behind big PACs continue to donate large sums of cash in secret. At the same time, it would limit the donations of unions and certain types of corporations – hence the vehement objection to the Proposition.

A Website called Stop the Special Exemptions Act has been created. It says, “The Special Exemptions Act was carefully crafted to create exemptions for powerful, wealthy interests. They will be free to create corporate front groups and spend unlimited amounts of money, often from anonymous donors. In fact, many top supporters to the Special Exemptions Act, including the largest single donor, are intentionally exempted since they could still contribute under their business front groups, and the truth is that wealthy CEOs, Wall Street investors and hedge fund managers will just be given more cover to operate in the shadows.”

It goes on. “The Special Exemptions Act unfairly singles out and limits the voices of teachers, local nurses and the firefighters who keep us safe—and at the same time creates special exemptions for billionaire businessmen and corporate special interests.  It takes away the ability of our everyday heroes to speak out on issues that matter—like cuts to our schools, police and fire response time, workplace safety and homeowner rights.”

The Orange County Register noted that although it seemed counterintuitive that Republican and business interests were backing Prop 32, it was obviously because they calculated it would damage their opponents more than their own interests.”