‘Radio Air-Chain Innovation’ The Focus Of Nautel/Telos Webinar Alliance


Nautel and Telos Alliance are teaming for a joint webinar series devoted to “Radio Air-Chain Innovation,” and the first event is scheduled for Noon Eastern on August 13.

This new series places a focus on ways to leverage “Made for Radio” standards and technologies—MPX, µMPX, MPX node, E2X, HD Radio PAR, and Virtualization—to solve nagging air-chain issues and open the door to new and easier implementations of HD Radio transmission opportunities.

The first webinar will introduce the Radio Air-Chain Innovation Collaborative, review some key “Made for Radio” standards, and show new capabilities that are applicable to HD deployments today. The companies will also provide a review of key industry standards that are being used as a basis for the technological advancements.

The subsequent webinars, on August 27 and September 10, will feature live demonstrations of new, disruptive technologies resulting from the collaboration between Nautel and Telos Alliance.

To sign up for Radio Air-Chain Innovation webinars, visit https://www.nautel.com/resources/webinars/.