Radio App Adds FM Chip Connectivity


Clip RadioClip Interactive, which helps radio stations integrate their over air and digital offerings, is adding a feature which will make its app a one-stop-shop for consumers and further integration for radio stations.

CI says it is doing its part to honor the NAB’s full court press on FM on Cell promotion.

“Broadcasters now have the opportunity to invest in one platform that addresses, manages and monetizes all channels – broadcast, mobile (stream/FM Chip), desktop stream, social media and their website. Our interactive radio platform is generating new revenue for broadcasters – $5M to date,” said Michael Lawless, CEO, Clip Interactive.

Consumers need to have a phone with an activated FM chip. As long as that element in in place, the Clip Interactive application handles the rest.

The first phone served is Android’s popular HTC One (M8), with more to come.

Clip Interactive is available on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.