Radio, break this awful cycle already!!!


I have watched now for nearly 10 years as radio has self destructed.  Save for a few pockets o f success, May I say RADIO SUCKS!!!  We all know that consolidation sucked also.  Now companies like Gap West and others are mandating a 5% pay cut for all staff. Punishing staff, ripping off clients all for the bottom line or because of bad planning and management is pathetic.  Radio is still a medium that can be successful but it will be left in more of the dust of other media, if radio as an industry doesn’t wake the hell up.

I grow so tired of the same old comments about radio this, radio that website this  website that, blah, blah, blah .  For god sake, when a football team is on a losing streak what does a great coach do?  Get back to the fundamental basics.  Radio needs to do just that.   AE’s need a course in relationship building.  For GM’s,  LSMs, Market Managers, Director of sales, whatever catch phrase title you have this week, this is what you must stop doing.  Quit hiring new AE’s on Monday, giving them business and rate cards on Tuesday, the phone book on Wednesday and expecting sales on Friday. 

Further more, enough with the packages already!  Teach your sales people how to get real results for their clients, by understanding their needs and then creating great ideas, terrific copy and superior follow up.  Teach your sales reps some people skills. (What a concept) Radio as an industry needs to invest “time and money” in staff, both on air and in sales. 

This idea of starting new sales people on a commission only basis is also pathetic.  The radio industry has beat up it’s on air people, automated itself into a giant hole and treated sales reps like so much cattle. The sales side has been a revolving door way to long. 

The successful radio station will take the time to invest time in the sales team and teach them the skills that will make them and the station successful for the long haul.  QUIT LOOKING AT THE SHORT TERM!!!  The radio industry has suffered from ADHD long enough.

–Dennis Heinz, past Morning Show host, SM, GM, and presenter at RAB
509 722 3350