Radio Caracol extends "Efectos Secundarios"


WSUA – Radio Caracol 1260 AM Miami is extending its top rated show “Efectos Secundarios.” The show now airs air from 1 to 4 pm, Monday – Friday adding one daily hour to the broadcast. Jose Antonio Ponseti continues to be our host and he is accompanied by co-hosts Eduardo Ortiz and Keyla Medina-Rosa.

The show’s list of new collaborators includes: Rui Ferreira, Maria Antonieta Collins, León Krauze, Julian Linares, Jossie Galindo, Pedro Sevcec, Fauto Malavé, Gustavo Gomez, Juan Manuel Cao, Carinés Moncada, Mirthala Salinas, Juan Pablo Salas, Yoly Cuello, Daniel López, Carlos A. Montaner and Maria Elvira Salazar, as well as a number of local, national and international guest stars.

The first hour of the show will bring listeners a roundtable on current news, with the points of view of our multi ethnic listener base, as well as all the sports news and commentaries by experts Horacio Gioffre and Roly Martin. The following two hours of this fun variety show, will be filled with other news, debates and curiosities on current issues, entertainment, food tips, culture and more.