Gets A Relaunch Ahead Of Entercom Entry


CBS Radio may be fading into the annals of radio broadcasting history by the end of the year, but it certainly hasn’t given up on moving forward and bringing Entercom brands and products that are refreshed and/or relaunched.

That’s good news for David Field, who is on track to be welcoming a new and improved version of CBS Radio’s free streaming mobile app,

The latest version of the app features a new look, including a new logo that complements what CBS Radio considers to be “an easy-to-navigate experience now with higher streaming quality.”

Commenting on the relaunch of CBS Radio’s own proprietary streaming center, EVP/Digital J.D. Crowley said, “Audiences want choice and that’s exactly what we’ve given them with this relaunch of the app. By combining their favorite local radio stations and on-demand content, we are catering to the distinctive tastes of mobile-first audiences, giving them control over when and where they engage with our content through a free, best-in-class experience.”

The new app will see local stations and podcasts autopopulate at the top of the homepage, alongside content recommended specifically for each user.

The refreshed app also features customizable sections for a user’s stations and subscribed-to podcasts. The newly added “auto play” feature launches a user’s last played station upon re-opening the app. A dedicated podcast page allows users to subscribe to their favorites, and new episodes automatically download when a user’s device is connected to WiFi.

Station pages in the app are fully customized and feature local branding, on-air personalities, shows, on-demand audio, podcasts and schedules for an authentic listening experience. Music stations allow listeners to provide feedback on songs by tapping on thumbs up or thumbs down icons. The app also allows users to sync their mobile phones with Apple TV as well as their car’s Android Auto or Google CarPlay feature.

Through the use of dynamic advertising, partner messages are specific to the app stream and targeted at individual listeners. Advertisers can also sponsor specific station pages or a group of stations by format (sports, news, country music, etc.).

“Through a combination of smart targeting and deep, custom integration opportunities for advertisers, we align our partners’ brands with our premium content so that listeners are both receptive and responsive to the advertising messages being delivered,” Crowley said.