“Radio Communicators Group” launched to promote radio


Public Relations and Communications experts in the radio industry have joined together to establish the Radio Communicators Group (RCG). The group consists of communications directors and PR directors representing radio broadcasting companies and trade orgs throughout the US.

Co-founded by Denyse Mesnik, APR, Beasley Broadcast Group Director of Corporate Communications and Heidi Raphael, Greater Media Vice President of Corporate Communications, the goal of the RCG is to promote the many new and exciting initiatives taking place within the radio industry.

“We are very pleased to launch this fantastic organization,” said Heidi Raphael. “It is a first-time initiative for radio and will be a great resource for members, broadcasters and the industry at large.”

“The group’s value is twofold,” added Mesnik. “Our goal is to facilitate consistent communication between broadcasters, trade media and various organizations within our industry, as well as to present a united front in promoting Radio to the general marketplace.”

RCG members include: Rosemary Scott/ BMP VP Research & Corporate Communications; Denyse Mesnik,/Beasley Broadcast Group Director Corporate Communications; Lisa Dollinger/Clear Channel Chief Corporate Communications Officer; Karen Mateo/CBS Radio VP of Communications; Kate Snedeker/Emmis Communications VP of Corporate Communications; Emily DiTomo/ Entercom Director of Corporate Communications & Environmental Affairs; Heidi Raphael/Greater Media VP Corporate Communications; Diane Warren/ HD Digital Radio Alliance President; Vicki Stearn/ iBiquity Digital Corporation Director of Corporate Communications; Dennis Wharton/ National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Executive Vice President of Media Relations; Michelle Lehman/ NAB EVP Marketing & Communications; Kristopher Jones/ NAB Director of Media Relations; Kelly O’Keefe/O’Keefe Brands; Kelly Myers/O’Keefe Brands; Leah Kamon/ Radio Advertising Bureau SVP Marketing & Communications; and Renee Cassis/ RAB VP of Corporate Marketing.
Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact Heidi Raphael at:  [email protected].

We had asked Raphael: 1) Why this was needed? And 2) Isn’t the RAB supposed to do this?

Her response: “We (the Communicators) thought it would be great to establish a group—since there has never been one before (to our knowledge) directly involving the actual communicators/pr people specifically in our industry. It gives us a chance to meet with each other and work together on all the great initiatives being launched in our industry. 

The RAB is doing a great job–in fact they have a terrific new video–which promotes radio on their website, which is downloadable and is a wonderful selling tool to use on behalf of our industry. Jeff Haley, Leah Kamon, Renee Cassis and their entire team are constantly keeping us up to date with the latest information impacting our industry.

We are also working very closely with the NAB, the Radio Heard Here Campaign leaders and HD Radio Alliance/iBiquity to promote all of their initiatives already on an individual company basis- The RCG will be another great, beneficial organization for the radio industry.”