Radio creative helps Subaru of Santa Monica


From the Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA): When Subaru of Santa Monica opened for business in 2008, radio advertising helped catapult sales from zero to hero quickly to become one of Southern California’s top new Subaru sales leaders.

“When Santa Monica Ford, Lincoln-Mercury dealership owner Ron Davis asked Try J Advertising to help his team launch their new Subaru store, radio advertising offered a great way to reach a lot of people with creative as fun as Subaru vehicles are to drive,” said Dale Weston, communications director for the advertising agency.

Subaru enthusiasts are adventurous and free spirited. “We created several different campaigns, and then our composer, Vince Lubinsky, played a Reggae beat, the coastal-casual atmosphere of Santa Monica came to life,” said Weston.

“The Reggae music surprised us at first,” said Ron Fodrey, general sales manager. “It really helped tell the positive story that Subaru was back on the Westside,” said Fodrey, who explained that many months earlier, a Subaru dealership closed in Santa Monica, with short notice, leaving many customers at a loss for service and purchases. “So when Try J played the ‘It’’s All New’ commercial it helped our business separate from the previous dealership, while offering friendly services to the local community that we’ve enjoyed with the Ford store,” added Fodrey.

Once the Subaru of Santa Monica commercials hit the airwaves, the sales began to grow. Within months Subaru of Santa Monica sales had propelled them to the top tier of Subaru dealers in Southern California.

“We had to cut back on the number of stations with the slowing of the economy in first quarter, but we’re still creating awareness on several stations because many customers tell us how much they enjoy hearing our commercials,” said Fodrey.

Try J Advertising also creates the radio commercials for Santa Monica Ford, Lincoln-Mercury and recently launched their “Sparky The Wonder Horse” campaign. And Try J Advertising is no stranger to creating effective radio advertising. Recently they picked up their 8th Excellence in Radio (EAR) Award from the San Diego County Radio Broadcasters Association. Most of the spots are written, voiced and produced by Weston. “With local radio, we have helped our many clients in San Diego County gross one-half billion in total sales each year and we’re excited that radio advertising is helping our Santa Monica clients,” said Weston.

Try J Advertising is based in Carlsbad, CA and has several automotive clients, construction and community service clients.