Radio Disney to debut radio play


Serialized one-act radio plays will be introduced to a new generation with “My Dream,” the contemporary scripted story of Kayla, a teen whose life is music and her moment is now, despite the typical intricacies of school and home life. Designed for kids and tweens, the music and sound effects-filled series premieres 7/5 (9:25 a.m., ET/6:25 a.m., PT) on Radio Disney and New episodes will air multiple times each weekday. Exclusive photos, videos and more will be available at

Starring is Daphne Blunt (“The Young and the Restless,” “Big Time Rush”) as Kayla. “My Dream” takes listeners with Kayla as she writes and composes an original song, prepares for her first big performance, and overcomes stage fright. Along the way she’s joined by a cast of characters who play an integral role in supporting her dream. They include her parents, older brother Aidan, best friend Brooke and music teacher Sarge.

In the premiere episode, “I Dreamed a Dream,” Kayla lets listeners in on her secret dream of becoming a pop star. The second episode, “We Are Family,” gives listeners insight into Kayla’s musical background, and reveals where and when she gained a strong desire to sing.