Radio Disney upgrades iPhone, iPod app


A major update for the Radio Disney App for iPhone and iPod touch is now live on the App Store. The update, using the multitasking functionality of iOS4, allows listeners to stream Radio Disney while using other features and apps on their device. The updated app also enables users to request songs, learn of local Radio Disney events, and send shout outs to Radio Disney and to the network’s on-air personalities. The new version, available now at the App Store, also extends new enhancements to Radio Disney advertisers with featured in-app placement. 

In addition to the current live 24-hour, geo-targeted stream, the new app includes:
Multitasking Functionality – users can listen to the Radio Disney stream while using the device for other functions such as texting, browsing the internet, emailing, viewing contacts and more
Song Requests – users can interact with Radio Disney by requesting a song
Favorites – users can customize the experience by tagging songs and adding them to a list of favorites
Shout Outs- listeners can interact with Radio Disney by sending messages that are scrolled on screen and may be read on-air
Stations & Events – instant access to geo-targeted information on the closest Radio Disney station and upcoming events
Premium features in “Radio Disney App Extras” that includes exclusive videos, podcasts, and lyrics, for a one-time charge of $2.99.