Radio figures in rising Dolla $ign career


RadioMulti-talented Atlantic recording artist Ty Dolla $ign is set to go on a tour that runs through late November and includes stops in Europe and throughout the US. Guess which medium helped put him in position for such an undertaking:

If you guessed radio, you would be correct!

Ty, as he is referred to in an Atlantic press release, is a singer, a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.

We are told by Atlantic that his current hit, “Or Nah (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard)”, is the Most Added track at Urban radio outlets nationwide, helping it to a hefty ranking on iTune’s chart of Hip Hip sales.

Breakout hit “Paranoid (Feat. B.o.B)” is said to have hit #5 on Urban radio earlier in the year.

A heighten presence on YouTube and appearances on the late night television offerings of Jimmy Fallon and Arsenio Hall have also been part of Ty’s ascent.

RBR-TVBR observation: We simply have to keep pointing this out: Despite labels complaining about the horrors of airplay without a performance royalty, they sure crave airplay and love to brag when they get it. That’s because they are very well aware that radio airplay sells recordings, and concert tickets, and artist paraphernalia, and it gets them on TV. Musicians will not be the big winners if most music is forced off the airwaves by exorbitant performance fees.