Radio Heard Here radio spots now available


The NAB and RAB announced that the first five Radio Heard Here radio spots are now available for download and use by stations to promote the Radio Heard Here campaign. The spots were developed to achieve the following goals, especially among younger audiences:

Remind consumers of the important role radio plays in their everyday lives.
Engage consumers in a way that motivates them to think about new ways to access and use radio.
The spots were tested with younger consumers (18-24 years old) from both urban and suburban areas by a world-class research organization. The spots were described as "interesting", "attention grabbing", "very creative", and "unusual."

Some of the comments made by research participants include:

"It caught my attention from the start. Some of the images formed seemed very personal to me like the girl in the dorm."
"They were intriguing to me, maybe because I like the poetic approach."
"I would listen to these. The majority of them are also fun and upbeat and I like the rhythm and the writing."
"It caught my attention right away with the deep voice and slow talking. So this kept me listening."
"Overall, I think the spots were alluring and kind of exciting."

If you are a member of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, refer to the guidelines at the HD Digital Radio Alliance website.