Radio hosts to descend on Washington


Roger Hedgecock of Radio America Networks will be the headliner as talk radio hosts head to Washington for a broadcast “town hall” on the topic of immigration. Organized for the fifth time by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the two-day event is expected to include 50 radio talkers.

The event is scheduled for April 6-7, 2011.

According to FAIR, “The fifty broadcasters will spend two days interviewing members of Congress, immigration reform experts, and law enforcement personnel.  In addition to the broadcast component, dozens of activists from across the country will be in Washington to meet their elected representatives to urge them to enact immigration reforms that protect and serve the interests of the American people.”

FAIR’s Bob Dane said, “The Obama administration has stifled local and state efforts to enforce immigration laws, dismantled interior enforcement, and continues to push an amnesty agenda using backdoor methods. Americans want their jobs protected, national security strengthened and the rule of law upheld. Responsive politicians respect and listen to the electronic town hall of talk radio and Hold Their Feet to the Fire is a yearly bellwether of public sentiment on the immigration issue. This year, with the largest gathering ever of talk radio hosts, the goal is not just to stop bad immigration legislation in its tracks, but to advance positive reforms that relieve many of the burdens that mass immigration – legal and illegal – imposes on the American people.”