Radio industry needs to keep promoting itself to gain advertisers and listeners


The Radio Industry as a medium for news, information and entertainment should en-mass expand their current on-air messages that promote advertising on it or for the medium itself. Currently, the reason to advertise on Radio is only heard on, you guessed it, radio stations.
Now is a great time to place ads boasting of Radio’s features and benefits on the web, Cable TV and broadcast TV as well as in national newspapers. After all, Terrestrial radio is still FREE to tune into. It’s mobile for all to enjoy, especially when summer is the best friend to radio listenership – baseball games, picnics, beach days and other outdoor activities.
And now with the economy shrinking, more and more households will need to make serious choices for cuts: cell phones or land lines, how much Cable TV or Satellite TV over FREE over the air broadcast TV, Hi-speed internet access and the list goes on.
A massive “re-introduction to Radio” campaign would encourage and invite more listeners to remember how simple and fun Radio actually is. There’s no special APPS, no membership or sign-up fees, no-late fees for leaving the radio on past midnight, and the only cookies you need to worry about are those you actually eat.
Aaahh, the ease of listening to Radio. Simply turn it on, tune in and, viola, it works.
Oh, and let us not forget to mention that because of the stale economy, cost per thousand for Radio advertising is at record lows, especially compared to Direct Mail and Newspaper. Business owners and marketers are looking for ROI now more than ever. And as easy as Radio is to turn on, so too can the retail or direct response business returns be with the medium.
I’ll be listening and watching Radio. I hope Radio is also listening.

–Dale Weston, Communications Director, Try J Advertising, Inc.
Carlsbad, CA  (760) 496-2924