Radio Lounge handles new radio campaign for


Summer is approaching, and Houston, Los Angeles and Tampa are the latest targets on the radar of Pool Center.Com in a radio campaign created and produced by Radio Lounge. Rob Cox, President of Pool Center.Com had worked with Radio Lounge last year on the original concept. “We really felt that they knew our customers, and the spot came off very nicely. It was a natural for us to return to Radio Lounge again this year to create another humorous outtake.” This round of creative is called “Squish” and will be airing in Sunbelt markets, with an offer to tune up your pool for spring.

“The concept behind the creative is so much fun”, replies Radio Lounge Creative Director and Partner M. Bruce Abbott, “first you hear a diving board, then the sound of Squish! Disgusting sounding…squishy…the sound effects just make you feel like you’ve landed Splat on this thick layer of sludge.” The commercial is perfect for, who targets pool owners with pool maintenance services.

An interesting sidebar, the ad runs only when the weather is 75 degrees or higher.