“Radio Men” out at KKZX


They’ve been the morning men for more than 20 years at CCME’s Classic Rocker KKZX-FM Spokane, WA, but the duo of Jim Arnold and C. Foster Kane recently called it a day, due to failed contract negotiations.  Many fans left messages supporting the two on the station’s website and Facebook page.

It was a matter of money, Cal Hall, Spokane market manager for Clear Channel Communications, told the Spokesman-Review. “We were working with the Radio Men, trying to come to an agreement financially. Unfortunately, we were not able to come to an agreement with C. Foster Kane, so we decided to part ways.”

Arnold remains with the station, taking over the afternoon show from 3 to 7 p.m.

“Putting him on in the morning by himself didn’t make sense,” Hall said. “That doesn’t mean he won’t be back in the morning. We’re looking for a good morning show, and that may include Jim…I’m going to take as long as it takes to find the best fit for that station.”

Spokane-born Arnold, 59, and native Californian Kane, 61, worked in markets across the country before teaming up on KKZX in 1992.

See the Spokesman-Review story here


  1. Clear Channel will never get my ear again. In fact, I’m calling some of the local companies that advertize on Clear Channel to inform them that I will no longer purchase products/services. Gotta stand up to it.

  2. Well clear channel must be a republican station hell bent on austerity. its all for the investors or Rupert Murdock. but I will tell you this, your station will not be the same without them and will not have half of the listeners from this point on. The Radio Men were a morning tradition here, not unlike the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMann. Sorry, Rupert, your bean counting didn’t gain you any friends but maybe you have more beans now. Sorry beans give me gas so I’ll stay away from KKZX.

  3. I called the station to tell them that they really dropped the ball on this, especially with satellite radio and internet radio competition at our finder tips. they tried to tell me they are looking to replace the morning show with an equally funny enjoyable show, and that they hope in a couple weeks ill be back listening to them enjoying … I said ya probably not, maybe you should get C-Foster back and I will … I am mad, because I thought they screwed up by letting Victoria go a couple years back as well… all their DJ’s are boring, and if it wasn’t for my love of classic rock I would never listen to them again… but with XM and i Heart and Pandora, I can move on and still get the genre I want … Bring Back C and Jim, or watch your radio station start to fail big time!!!

  4. We have been waking up to the Radio Men for as long as I can remember. We miss the teams humor they lighten the weight of waking so early in the am.
    The replacement at this time shows little or no personality hopefully this is only a temporary solution.
    Good Luck to you Radio Men.

  5. Thank you for getting rid of C Foster His ship has sailed – it is time for some fresh ideas and a new direction! I am sure many in his audience were offended by his juvenile material bent on his strong opinions which were insulting to most. I might start to listen to the station again.

  6. I no longer will be listening to Clear Channel Radio. KKZX was the only station of theirs I listen to and that was only in the morning to listen to the Radio Men.

  7. This sucks! The Radiomen were a huge draw, and shame on Clear Channel and in particular Cal Hall for not renewing C. Foster’s contract. Together they were as good as Bob and Tom but had more class, not constantly playing up 13 year-old’s sexual jokes, etc. It’s a bit loss, and I’m likely to discontinue listening to KKZX as a result. Again, shame on you!!!

  8. I, personally congratulate them. I love this station, but I HATED the morning show! One idiot would say something, and the other one would lewdly laugh! It was sickening to me! Great to say funny things, but let your audience laugh. Don’t try to prompt them to laugh with the a phone sounding laugh. Glad they’re gone from the morning. I listen to Jim Arnold in the afternoon and like him just fine. There hasn’t been an idiots laugh in the afternoon since I’ve been listening.

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