Radio Moves the Needle for Insurer


Nielsen1American Family Insurance is trying to sell policies, and a new study from Nielsen and Katz found that radio is a great way to accomplish this goal. The two companies used the scientific method to prove the point.

Results were measured for both people who heard the AMI campaign, and were compared to results for people who had not.

Family insurance policy decision-makers who heard the ads were found to be 25% more likely to contact AMI for a  quote than those who did not.

Further, they were 44% more likely to recommend the brand than those who did not hear the campaign.

The campaign was particularly effective among individuals who were considering switching insurance companies. Among this very high value group of consumers, 57% of those who heard the campaign sought a quote, compared to only 29% of the control group.

The 45-64 demo had a 6-point spread, with 22% of those exposed to the campaign seeking a quote as opposed to 16% from the other group/
The 25-44 demo was the most responsive, but the spread was more even, with scores of 31% of those hearing the campaign contacting AMI, while an almost-as-impressive 28% that did not hear it also contacting AMI.

The study author concluded, “The Nielsen study revealed that the American Family Insurance radio campaign raised all key brand perceptions among insurance decision-makers. In fact, there was more than a 20% increase in the perception that American Family Insurance offers competitive rates and is easy to do business with when compared to the control group.”