Radio News: Beasley, Entercom, Westwood One


BMGI-LogoRadio facts: Beasley has rebranded from BBG to BMG (check the item); Entercom has set the time and date of its next chat with analysts and investors; Westwood One Sports has dates in Seattle and Boston; and Death Cab for Cutie is benefitting from airplay.

* Beasley Media Group has rebranded. In fact, we just honored the rebrand – it used to be Beasley Broadcast Group. The old name will continue on as the name of the parent company and BBGI will remain the NASDAQ trading symbol.

* Entercom has picked the time and date for its next quarterly conference call. It will be held Thursday 2/19/15 at 4:30 Eastern.

* Westwood One Sports will be in Seattle this game for the Seahawks/Green Bay Packers NFL match-up, as well as in Boston for the New England Patriots/Indianapolis Colts match-up. After that, the Super Bowl (participants as yet unknown).

* Record label Atlantic notes that one of its acts, Death Cab for Cutie, has been getting a boost for “You Are a Tourist” off its new album “KINTSUGI” at Triple A and Modern Rock radio, rising to #1 at each. It’s getting positive exposure ahead of a 3/31/15 release date.