Radio News: iHeart, Radio One, Drake, pot, Elder


Music-Old-RadioAs usual, there are things going on all over the radio universe. Today we not benchmarks for iHeart, a conference call in the offing from Radio One, something Barry Drake has done 40,000 times, another station signing up for marijuana news, and a venue switch for Larry Elder.

* iHeartRadio has some benchmarks to announce. The highlight was its acquisition of 60M registered users. It also achieved 90M unique visitors, 75% brand awareness, 500M app downloads and 80N social media followers.

* Mark your calendar for Thursday 2/12/15 – that’s when Radio One will meet with stockholders and analysts, and with media like us listening in, to discuss its most recent quarter and to look ahead further into 2015. The call will take place at 10AM eastern.

* Barry Drake, recent group owner of Backyard Broadcasting, has a wealth of radio savvy to share, and he does so in his new book, “40 Years 40,000 Sales Calls.” And he does more than share knowledge – he is giving proceeds from the book to the Broadcasters Foundation. The book is available at

* Another station has signed up for TNMNews – a talk show dedicated to news and information concerning marijuana. KFAR AM 660 in Anchorage AK follows WXXM-FM Madison WI as the second terrestrial station to take the show as it expands from being an internet-only operation.

* Larry Elder has taken his act online after ending a 20-year run on KABC Los Angeles. A three-hour program can be steamed weekdays from 3-6PM, with podcast and special videos available to those becoming “Elderado” members.