Mancow, Savage, ATRN, Blue Sun, CBS


MancowItems from the wide world or radio: Mancow earns a gig in the Windy City; Michael Savage passes a milestone; American Talk Radio Network also passes a milestone; Blue Sun offers web services; and CBS Las Vegas hosts a pet party.

* Mancow will hit the airwaves in Chicago on The Loop WLUP Monday 3/30/15. Erich “Mancow” Muller actually auditioned for the slot on the Cumulus outlet, winning in a landslide versus a field of other candidates.

* Michael Savage’s radio career is now old enough to order a beer with dinner. As of 3/24 the talkmeister has been on the air for 21 years. His “The Savage Nation” is syndicated by Cumulus.

* Happy Birthday, one year old! That’s the appropriate greeting for America’s Talk Radio Network. The net offers both long and short form programming to radio stations across the country.

* Blue Sun Media is offering to build custom websites for radio stations with tools to manage their online presence. The cost is one 60-second on-air spot per day.

* CBS will be mixing it up with the pets of Las Vegas – Mix 94.1 is hosting Pet-A-Palooza Saturday 4/18/15, offering fun times for families and their pets – and petless families will even have a chance to adopt one.