News: Salem, Saga, ShutterMonky, Rockstars, iHeart


Music-Old-RadioNews from around the radio dial: Both Salem and Saga have entered the quarterly conference call calendar, on the same day in March; Envision has a photo library just for radio; Business Rockstars is a program just for radio; and iHeart just inked a deal with the Wolfpack.

* Salem is entering the quarterly conference calendar, scheduling its event for 3/10/15. It will take place at 2:00PM Pacific Time, or 5:00PM for those of us on the east coast.

* The quarterly Ed Christian sermon is likely in the offing, and it will come at 9:00 AM eastern on Tuesday 3/10/15, when Saga Communications meets with investors and analysts to discuss its latest financial results.

* Light 100 candles for Business Rockstars. The daily long-form program just inked its 100th broadcast radio affiliate. It’s available digitally as well as over the air.

* Could your stations use some artwork resources for the enhancement of its website? Envision Networks has a photo library named ShutterMonky that is designed just for radio, and is available on a barter basis. Think of it as lawsuit insurance in the copyright infringement arena.

* iHeart’s WVBZ-FM The Buzz scored a major local sports property: It has football and basketball rights to the games of the NC State University Wolfpack. Broadcasts begin on the 105.7 MHz facility 9/5/15.