Radio One is NOT pulling the plug on Syndication One


RBR has checked out a report by the online Redding News Review claiming that Radio One/REACH Media-owned Syndication One is scheduled to be shuttered at year’s end. “Producers for Syndication One were told last week that they would not have jobs at the end of the year, and that changes would be forthcoming on the company’s XM 169 The Power” (a joint venture of Radio One and XM), said the story.
Syndication One airs Al Sharpton, "The 2 Live Stews," a sports show, and a legal show hosted by Warren Ballentine. The three shows are also heard on The Power.

Not entirely true, says an industry source. In fact, two more shows are being added very soon. 2 Live Stews (They will continue locally in Atlanta) and Ballentine are being cancelled, as affiliates were notified they will end in December. However, Syndication One will continue, with Radio One and REACH Media as co-owners. Sharpton stays as well. Radio One will have an official statement soon.

RBR observation: Note that Mr. Redding does news on XM 169. So maybe he heard some of this there but got some of it wrong.