Radio Procer doubles AMs in Puerto Rico


SoldWJIT-AM Sabana PR is about to get a sister – and in this case, it will be a big sister. WJIT covers the center of the island, but WOLA-AM Barranquitas blankets it in its entirety.

The seller of WOLA is Torrecillas Broadcasting Corporation, headed by Pablo Aponte Alicea. The buyer, Radio Procer, is headed by Juan M. Rosario.

The price: $680K, of which $80K is considered interest. There will be a $100K cash payment at closing, another $100K payment a year and a half later, and a ten-year note kicking off a month after closing calling for $4K monthly payments.

An LMA kicked in 12/20/12.

WOLA is a Class B on 1380 kHz with 1 kW-U,.ND. It’s primary contour forms a perfect circle around Puerto Rico.

WJIT, on the other hand, is also a Class B, but its 1250 kHz signal boasts only 250 W-D to go with 1 kW-N, and both configurations are directional. Its signal is centered right in the middle of the island, getting close to but not into San Juan during the day. At night, it gets a primary signal over about half of the San Juan urbanized area to the north, and all of Ponce to the south.