Radio Regenbogen launches HD Radio test in Germany


Radio Regenbogen, one of Germany’s private radio stations, and network operator Media & Broadcast of T-System have announced that they will begin an HD Radio technology field test at the end of August.
"Listeners in the Rhine-Nectar area will be able to receive the Radio Regenbogen program as in the past with their normal radio at a frequency of 102.8," commented Radio Regenbogen’s managing director, Gregory Spaceman in a press release. "With the new HD Radio technology, they will also be able to enjoy the new formats ‘Regenbogen Gold and Regenbogen Comedy,’ two new multicast channels."

Testing is also being supported by iBiquity Digital, Audioexport Georg Neumann, Orban/CRL Systems, Broadcast Electronics and Ruoss AG, a company that has assisted with HD Radio tests in Switzerland.  The first test results are to be presented at an event of the Regional Office for Communication that will be held in Stuttgart on 9/27.