Radio Show takes new approach to exhibits



There will be no separate “exhibit hall” this September at the Radio Show Produced by RAB and NAB. Rather, exhibitors are booking table top exhibits which will be right outside the session rooms.

The partners in the new joint Radio Show, RAB and NAB, opted for that approach after surveying past exhibitors. “They wanted an integrated experience,” NAB Exec. Vice President Dennis Wharton told RBR-TVBR. “The exhibits will be right there” as attendees exit sessions, he noted. Those vendors who need a larger space are being offered the opportunity to rent a room “close by.”

According to the Radio Show website for potential exhibitors, the current price for a “table top exhibit” is $3,500 for an NAB/RAB member exhibitor and $4,000 for a non-member. The price had been $500 less if booked by the end of last month and will go up another $500 on July 1st. Wharton said the rates are reduced from the price of a booth at past shows. He said RAB/NAB are expecting to top or match the 70 or so exhibitors from last year’s NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia.

The first ever Radio Show Produced by RAB and NAB will be September 29 through October 1 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC.