Radio Show to focus on the key battleground


RadioShow NAB/RABNot every station is lucky enough to be located in a political battleground – such a location can result in a cash windfall every two years. But unfortunately, every single station has an important niche in a rapidly emerging battleground – the automobile dashboard. An NAB/RAB Radio Show session will focus on what’s coming and how to deal with it.

The organizations are labeling this one a Super Session, and it’s entitled “Radio and the Connected Car.” It’s on the schedule for Thursday 9/19/13 at 9:15 local time.

Presenting at the Super Session will be Roger C. Lanctot, associate director, Global Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics; and Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media. Opening remarks will be offered by Bill Rose, senior vice president, Marketing at Arbitron.

The session description is as follows: “Leading strategists, analysts and researchers will discuss developments in the connected car, what consumers want and where the technology is headed. This session will reveal data from surveys, focus groups and consumer clinics along with sneak peeks at what car makers and their suppliers have in store for the dashboard of the future. Participants will offer specific recommendations on what radio can do now to maintain its prominence in the automobile for years to come.”