Radio stations about to lose licenses


FCCA full power FM, three translators and an LPFM failed to get renewal applications into the FCC that were due 12/1/12, and now face elimination as of 4/1/13 as a result.
Stations that were subject to the 12/1/12 deadline were located in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The stations on the endangered species list include:

Full power
KYCO(FM) Limon CO, SAIDNewsFoundation

FM translator
K280DZ Leadville CO, Lake County TV-FM Inc.
K276AA Salida & Buena Vista CO Chaffee County TV Translator Association
K216FK Bismarck ND Paulino Bernal Evangelism

KAMV-LP Brighton, CO Alianza Ministerial Vision Milenial

RBR-TVBR observation: The good news is that the FCC is fairly lenient about allowing delinquent license renewal applicants cure their deficiencies and continue on the air. The bad news is that it will generally cost the licensee some money – less if they get their paperwork in order before 4/1/13 than after, when they essentially become spectrum pirates running a station without authorization. Even in that case there is a bit of good news – the FCC recognizes that this sort of unauthorized operation is not the same as a true FM pirate and usually comes with a $7K rather than a $10K total fine.

Make haste then, delinquent licensees – and remember that there really is no excuse for this type of oversight that takes a simple paperwork obligation and turns it into a self-inflicted existential threat to your station.